Why Use the Kitchen Visualizer Tool and How to Use It


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Getting your kitchen remodeled is no small feat. It requires a whole lot of planning, decision-making, researching, and finding the right people to help you complete this gargantuan task. You will need an ample amount of planning to make sure your kitchen turns out exactly the way you want it. However, for some homeowners, no matter how much you plan, the final project will still seem off or unsatisfactory. There will always be some adjustments, corrections, decision changes, and other issues that will come about during and after the construction project.

A lot of these issues could be avoided by using an efficient kitchen visualizer tool like this one from 215Mercury. The visualizer tool allows you, the homeowner, to envision your dream kitchen so you can make better and more informed decisions before the construction work begins so you are less likely to change your mind during or after the process.

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Benefits of Utilizing the Kitchen Visualizer tool

1- Change your mind as much as you want at an early stage.

Homeowners undergoing kitchen remodeling are always prone to changing their minds right in the middle of the planning and construction. There are always issues that they did not see beforehand, such as some materials clashing, lack of design cohesion or something just doesn’t feel right. With a kitchen visualizer tool that you can use at the very early stages, you can have a better idea of what you want and what you don’t want for your kitchen, so you can be more decisive in the more crucial stages of the planning, design, and construction.

2- Capture your dream kitchen clearly.

Most of the time, homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen without a clear vision of what they want their kitchen to be, this lack of defined vision often leads to indecisiveness that could be costly and time-consuming. Through realistic visualization of your kitchen space and an interactive interface that depicts the outcome of your every choice for every fixture or finish as a part of a kitchen as a whole, you can easily create your dream kitchen. Not just through your mind’s eye but through realistic high-quality images that you can capture and save.

3- Save time and money.

Some of the most common reasons why kitchen-remodeling projects go over budget include design changes once construction has already begun. Through this kitchen visualizer tool, you’ll be able to see your designed kitchen at an early stage so you can change your mind without costing you time and money. The tool also offers an accurate quote for your designed kitchen so you can make adjustments to stay within your budget.

4- Communicate your vision clearly.

Explaining design and remodeling concepts can be difficult using just words or 2d drawings. Since you can capture, save, and share your designed dream kitchen through the visualizer tool, you can easily show this to your contractors or designers so you can communicate to them what you want for your new kitchen, leaving zero room for misinterpretations.

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How to use the Kitchen Visualizer Tool


Now that you know important it is to visualize your new kitchen, learn how to utilize our kitchen visualizer tool. Here are the easy steps so you can enjoy creating your dream kitchen now.

  1. Start the visualizer tool by clicking “launch kitchen designer tool” below.
  2. Pick the kitchen layout you want from the upper left tab.
  3. Click on the appliance, fittings, fixtures, and furniture in your virtual kitchen to see hundreds of options from the drop-down menu. Pick the ones you want and see them appear in your virtual kitchen.
  4. Explore the hundreds of choices until your build your dream kitchen. Try sorting and filtering the items based on materials, brand, and color.
  5. You can always save your design and go back to it another time by clicking the topmost icon in the choices on the left. Click the lowermost icon to reset your design and start all over again.
  6. Click the second icon from the top to get a no-obligation quote for your designed kitchen for free from professional contractors.
  7. Click the middle icon on the left-hand side to schedule a free home design consultation with professional contractors and designers of 215Mercury.

Launch Kitchen Designer Tool

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Make better decisions, save time and money, and communicate how you want your dream kitchen to look efficiently. Designed your dream kitchen using our kitchen visualizer tool, and send us your final design so we can provide you with an accurate quote for your new kitchen.

Trust only the experts in kitchen remodeling to make sure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

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