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As a renowned kitchen remodeling company in Westbury, we design and build luxurious, high-quality kitchens.

The heart of every house is its kitchen. When friends and family gather around the table to share a meal and good times, magic happens. Whether you’re a gourmet chef who likes to throw dinner parties or a busy parent who needs to whip up quick meals for a growing family, you need a modern kitchen to meet your needs. 

At 215Mercury, from choosing the suitable backsplash to countertops to finding the perfect sink and faucet, our expert staff can guide you through every step of your kitchen remodeling in Westbury, PA.

Reasons Why You Should Do a Kitchen Remodel

Home Improvement

A kitchen can be made more functional in several ways, including the addition of new appliances, the removal of walls to provide additional work surfaces, and even the construction of a kitchen island.

Additional Kitchen Space

A kitchen’s space is crucial, whether you’re looking to make better use of your space or make more of it. Kitchen remodeling in Westbury, PA, can add square footage or improve functionality.


With several hazardous appliances, kitchen safety should always be paramount. As such, replacing outdated appliances can significantly enhance a kitchen’s security.

Modern Look

If your kitchen lacks visual appeal, updating it through kitchen remodeling in Westbury, PA, will undoubtedly help—whether you install new flooring, cabinets, and countertops or paint the walls and cabinetry.

Put Your Trust in Our Team of Remodeling Experts

At 215Mercury, we can handle all kitchen sizes, styles, and budgets. Our expert kitchen designers and installers utilize high-quality tools and materials to ensure you obtain the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Whether starting from scratch with a whole new kitchen or updating an older one for a more modern style, 215Mercury can meet your needs, provide unique ideas, and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Through our 3D visualizers, you can see every aspect of the kitchen design. If there are any problems or design aspects that you don’t like, then we’ll immediately address them. 

Each team member has received in-depth instruction in standard kitchen remodeling in Westbury, PA. We ensure everyone is current on trends, techniques, and practices. Consultations with our skilled experts to review your project and requirements are free so you can trust us with your next kitchen remodeling in Westbury, PA.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services


Beautiful kitchen floors complete the whole look of the kitchen. Aside from design, kitchen floors should also be able to withstand everyday wear and tear of movements in the kitchen. We do all kinds of kitchen floor installation from basic tiles to expensive genuine marble. 

Cabinets Refurbishing

It’s unnecessary to undergo the strain and difficulty of installing cabinets yourself. Cabinet installation services from 215Mercury are both quick and cheap. Pick the kitchen cabinet that you want from our wide array of choices, and we can quickly get started.

Countertop Installation

 We offer cost-effective services to help homeowners maximize their investments and minimize waste. You can easily enhance your kitchen and tailor it with the help of 215Mercury’s extensive selection of beautiful countertops slabs.

Tiles and Backsplashes

We have a wide range of tones, finishes, and colors to choose from, all of which will help your kitchen achieve a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Turning Your Dream Kitchen into Reality

Our team can work with any kitchen design style, from traditional to contemporary, including components from various eras and design trends, to create a functional and beautiful kitchen. Allow us to assist you now, as every kitchen is different and deserves a customized plan. Contact us through our website today!

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