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We partner with Roslyn homeowners to build exceptionally beautiful kitchens.

Homeowners have different reasons for remodeling their kitchens. Others want a change in scenery by changing the kitchen layout while others do it to increase the home’s market value. Whatever your goal is for kitchen remodeling in Roslyn, what matters is that it’s achieved just the way you like it. 

Our kitchen experts at 215Mercury are dedicated to giving you top-notch service to create beautiful and functional kitchens that you love. We understand that kitchens bring families together, and that’s why we want to help you make beautiful memories here. We offer a wide range of kitchen services from simple cabinetry work to upscale kitchen overhauls. Years of working with the happy homeowners of Pennsylvania gave us skillful hands and mastery of our craft, so we know we can do it right. 

Kitchen remodeling is a milestone home project. Leave it to the hands of experts who care for your kitchen as much as you do.

Top Benefits You Get in Kitchen Remodeling

Increased Home Value 

Homes that have newly remodeled kitchens attract home hunters. When the kitchen is remodeled, the property is sold faster and is appraised at a higher value. 

Return On Investment 

Kitchen remodeling increases the property’s value, it has a national return on investment (ROI) rate of 81%. This means you’ll likely recover what you spend on the remodeling once the property gets sold. 


Kitchen remodeling in Roslyn creates beautiful and functional spaces. The addition of kitchen bars and kitchen islands allows families and friends to come together and enjoy delicious meals over hearty conversations. 

Enhanced CookingExperience 

Enhance your cooking experience with kitchens that are efficient and comfortable for cooking. A beautiful, new kitchen makes you feel good about yourself in the kitchen. 


A new kitchen gives you a hygienic space for cooking meals. Kitchen remodeling in Roslyn allows you to improve ventilation in the kitchen while creating a clean area for meal preparations.

Work with the Premier Remodelers in Roslyn, PA

Beautiful kitchen counters, elegant cabinetry, and a modern kitchen island shouldn’t just be a dream forever. Turn your dream kitchen into reality by working with premier remodelers in Pennsylvania.

Kitchen remodeling in Roslyn can be an overwhelming and daunting task if not handled well. As premier kitchen remodelers who have handled many kitchen projects in Pennsylvania, we take every project by heart. We value our customer’s trust that’s why we provide them with top-level services that exceed expectations. 

We personalize our kitchen remodeling services to meet the specific needs of our clients, that’s why we never cut corners. Our kitchen experts meet with the clients and collaborate with them at every step of the process. To ensure we achieve the vision of the client, we offer visualizer tools such as 3D rendering and 360 virtual realities for free. 

Don’t take chances especially when it comes to an expensive kitchen remodeling in Roslyn. Work with the premier remodelers.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

Design and Layout: Your kitchen’s design should reflect your style and personality. When kitchen remodeling in Roslyn, we make sure that the kitchen’s design and layout match your needs and lifestyle. We collaborate with you in every step of the remodel to ensure we build your kitchen just the way you like it.

Custom Cabinetry: We design and build custom kitchen cabinets from scratch that suit the architectural and aesthetic requirements of your kitchen area. You don’t get this kind of flexibility and creativity from store-bought kitchen cabinets.  Only skilled hands can deliver top-notch custom cabinetry that is functional and beautiful. 

Backsplash Installation: A beautiful backsplash is a focal point of the kitchen. Only skillful hands, years of experience, and artistic eyes can get it done beautifully with precision and finesse. So, let the experts do your backsplash installation. 

Sinks and Faucets: Hardy sinks and faucets are assets in the kitchen. These are heavily-used kitchen fixtures so they should withstand everyday wear and tear. We value your trust in our service, and that’s why we never compromise especially when it comes to the sinks and faucets that we install. 

Kitchen Bar: Everyone loves a space-saving yet functional kitchen bar. It’s a must-have upgrade when you’re kitchen remodeling in Roslyn. Enjoy long late-night talks over wine here or a quick brunch on the go.

Achieve Your Kitchen Goal with Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

In search of premier kitchen remodelers in Roslyn, PA? Come to 215Mercury. We combine the latest kitchen remodeling designs with our years of expertise in the business to bring you the best kitchen remodeling experience. Our exemplary reputation and solid portfolio are your golden ticket to kitchen remodeling success. Request a free estimate today.

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