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The modern kitchen is no longer just the traditional place where food is prepared. It is also where family members and guests congregate and interact as meals are cooked. 

A kitchen renovation in North Wales is a worthy project you could expect many benefits from. Industry experts have determined that kitchen remodeling in North Wales can allow homeowners to get the optimum return on the expenses they spent for their kitchen remodels. The sheer satisfaction or enjoyment homeowners derive from a more functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is another major reason for you to consider kitchen remodeling in North Wales.

Benefits of Kitchen Renovation

Enhanced Functionality

One of the most important benefits your kitchen remodeling in North Wales can bring is improved efficiency in the way food is prepared. This could be done by optimizing the kitchen layout, enhancing the process flow of food preparation, and the use of more efficient kitchen appliances.    

Increased Home Value

Your kitchen renovation in North Wales can increase the overall value of your Pennsylvania home. According to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, midrange major kitchen remodels could allow you to get the optimum return on the dollars you spent. The average recouped expenses from the average resale value of the home can be as high as 78%!

More Storage Space

The modern trend towards decluttering, minimalistic approach and ergonomics will allow you to maximize your kitchen storage space. Your kitchen remodeling in North Wales can facilitate removing all the useless and outdated stuff and junk from the kitchen and keeping modern appliances hidden in drawers, adding more useful, functional space.

Appliance Upgrade

You can take advantage of the advancement in the functionality of modern kitchen appliances in your kitchen remodeling. Professional kitchen remodel contractors in North Wales can guide you in the upgrade of your appliances and recommend the most energy-efficient types that can let you save on your utility bills. 

Better Aesthetics 

A well-planned and beautiful kitchen is a constant source of inspiration that motivates you to prepare exciting recipes for your family and entertain friends and guests. 

Work with Professional Kitchen Remodel Contractors in North Wales, PA

For maximum benefits from your important kitchen improvement investments, work only with professional kitchen remodeling contractors in North Wales

215Mercury in North Wales, PA’s leading kitchen renovation company you can trust. Our decades of experience and track record in quality kitchen remodeling make us the preferred expert service provider for North Wales and the surrounding areas. Our licensed and insured professionals are among the most qualified and competent in the industry. They are regularly trained in advanced technology in kitchen remodeling and construction. 

We offer the latest capability in kitchen design. Our proprietary Kitchen Visualizer can provide you with a realistic 3D rendering of your kitchen while our 360 VR lets you see how your kitchen remodels will look in a virtual reality environment, all before the design finally gets executed. 

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

Sinks and Faucets 

We can install kitchen sinks and faucets that are efficient, stylish, and water-conserving, depending on your needs and taste.

Flooring and Tiles

There are plenty of options for your kitchen’s flooring such as porcelain or ceramic that are durable, can resist wear and tear, and are resistant to spills.


As your partner kitchen remodel contractors in North Wales, we can install beautiful kitchen backsplash that can satisfy every style including stylish glass, stone, ceramic, and tiles. 

Kitchen Island

Many kitchen island ideas will help to inspire your choice of size, shape, finish, and design, as well as island seating ideas. 

Cabinets and Storage

We’ll offer you great kitchen cabinets with smart storage solutions as well as inserts, layout solutions, and products to help maximize storage. 

Appliances Installation

Adding new technology premium quality kitchen appliances can level up your cooking expertise. 

Let’s Create Your Dream Kitchen Now!

Make your kitchen come alive and your culinary experience as exciting as your daily meals through a kitchen transformation. Modern kitchen remodeling technology and 215Mercury’s expertise can make all this happen. Your precious investments for your kitchen improvement can provide you with the maximum benefits you deserve. Contact us to know how we can work together to bring your dream kitchen to life. 

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