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Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Dresher, PA

We collaborate with homeowners in Dresher to achieve kitchens that impress.

A laidback place like Dresher offers a cool and relaxed lifestyle, perfect for raising a family. However, many houses in this suburban town have not been touched for decades so a kitchen upgrade would be a great option if you’re planning to stay long-term. 

Everyone loves a brand-new kitchen, but what does it take to achieve one? 

It’s not enough to have a vision, you need to find the right remodelers who can bring your kitchen idea to life. Our team of dedicated kitchen experts has the creative prowess to bring your kitchen vision into reality. 

We understand that your kitchen remodeling in Dresher should be built to withstand the test of time. That’s why we never cut corners on the materials and especially on the quality of service we provide to each of our clients.

Why You Should Get Kitchen Remodeling in Dresher


Beautiful, modern kitchens make you want to stay long hours in the kitchen. Who doesn’t like a clean kitchen space where you can enjoy quality time with family and friends? After your kitchen remodeling in Dresher, you’ll be excited to invite friends and family over to your home. 

Improved Functionality 

Functional kitchen spaces don’t happen by chance, they are carefully and meticulously planned. When your kitchen is outdated and barely meets your needs in functionality, it’s time to get a kitchen remodeling in Dresher. 

Kitchen Efficiency 

Changing the layout of your kitchen through kitchen remodeling in Dresher makes it more efficient to move around. An efficiently designed kitchen saves you time and energy in your food preparations. 

Storage Solutions 

Do you dream of a clutter-free kitchen? It can be achieved through practical storage solutions. A kitchen remodeling in Dresher allows you to create more storage spaces such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets so that everything’s sorted and organized. 

Hazard Prevention 

Outdated electrical wiring, old appliances, and worn-out gas hoses are safety hazards in the kitchen. Have them inspected, fixed, and replaced in your next kitchen remodeling in Dresher.

Let Experts Handle Your Dream Kitchen in Dresher, PA

A magazine-worthy kitchen upgrade is the dream of every homeowner. But it does not have to be a dream forever. Take the first step towards your dream kitchen by hiring the best remodelers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. 

We have a versatile team of kitchen remodelers here at 215Mercury who are skilled and experienced in handling everything kitchen. Each project we handle is approached with passion and care because we never give our clients substandard work that could ruin the reputation we’ve built from scratch for years. 

Our expert hands transform even the most outdated kitchen into beautiful and modern spaces that are efficient and functional. We understand that the slightest mistakes can throw you off your budget. That’s why we’ll let you see the kitchen plan with our visualizer tools to avoid costly changes when construction starts. 

Let experts at 215Mercury handle your dream kitchen project in Dresher.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

Cabinet Refurbishing 

Old and outdated cabinets that are still in good condition can be restored through cabinet refurbishing. It saves you money and time when kitchen remodeling in Dresher because the cabinets don’t have to be demolished and built from scratch. Instead, it’s sanded down, repainted, and redesigned to bring back its glory.  

Countertop Installation 

Countertops are one of the easily noticed items in the kitchen, so they must look clean and classy all the time. We install all kinds, shapes, and sizes of kitchen countertops from the cheaper laminate countertops to the lavish exotic wood. 

Light Replacement

Lighting significantly affects the mood and performance of a kitchen. So, it is crucial to pick the appropriate one. Luckily, obtaining the desired lighting will be an easy breezy experience with our wide array of lighting fixtures, from ceiling to spotlights.

Kitchen Expansion 

Is your kitchen too small for your growing family? Let us handle your kitchen expansion. Whether you’re adding more storage, converting to an open kitchen, or increasing functionality, we have the experience and skill to get it done right. 

Kitchen Island 

The kitchen island is a practical addition to your kitchen. It gives you more space for food preparations, and it can also be used for entertaining guests in the kitchen. We can make a kitchen island work whatever the size of your kitchen.

Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Reality

Dresher homes that have been standing for decades may need to revamp the kitchen to adapt to modern designs and functionalities. Looking for expert kitchen remodelers who have done exceptional kitchen transformations in Pennsylvania? Your guys here at 215Mercury will build you the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today.

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