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We work with customers within Ambler, PA and design aesthetically-attractive kitchens.

At 215 Mercury, we believe that every kitchen remodeling in Ambler should be beautiful, functional, and affordable. We’re here to help you build your dream kitchen space where you can enjoy precious moments with your family while enjoying hearty meals together. 

We are a BBB-accredited kitchen and bathroom remodeling company that’s fully licensed and insured, backed by years of professional experience in kitchen remodeling in Ambler, PA. 

In every kitchen remodeling project, we take our clients through a three-phase process, from evaluation to planning, to the actual renovation works. To help you imagine what the output would look like, we use 3D imagery through our 3D visualizers: 3D rendering and 360 virtual reality. We give our clients value-added services that can only be experienced here at 215 Mercury. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Help of Professional Kitchen Remodelers

Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, but it’s worth it in the end. It’s one of the most important upgrades you’ll do to your home. A home with a newly renovated and updated kitchen is easier to sell. Kitchen remodeling in Ambler increases the value of your home so you can make more money when you decide to sell it or mortgage it for a loan.  A newly remodeled kitchen also makes the home feel more inviting. With a beautiful kitchen area, you’ll be more confident to host dinners and parties inviting friends and families over. 

Some homeowners go for kitchen remodeling in Ambler to increase their counter space and add more storage areas in the kitchen. If you have a big family, you would probably need more kitchen storage for the food that you stock in your pantry. Adding more storage space in the kitchen also keeps all your kitchen utensils and appliances organized and dust-free. 

Moreover, if you have a kitchen that’s carefully planned and designed gives you more space to move around. Homeowners go for kitchen remodeling in Ambler to improve productivity and efficiency in the kitchen area. With a bigger counter space, a kitchen island, and better lighting, working in the kitchen is much easier. Additional kitchen storage through additional shelves and new cabinets keeps your supplies and kitchen essentials within reach when you’re cooking. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where family members create memories while cooking delicious meals together. Some homeowners invest in kitchen remodeling in Ambler for this reason. For families who love to cook, the kitchen is a space for socialization and bonding. 

When you’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen, the next step is to find the right team to do your kitchen remodeling. Hiring the right team to do kitchen remodeling is important because it can make or break a project. If you hire someone who is not experienced, you might end up with a kitchen that does not match your expectations. You also want to be sure that the team has a good reputation and does quality work.

With 215Mercury, you can be sure to be working with professional remodelers in Ambler that will help you navigate through the whole process of kitchen remodeling and achieve an excellent result that you have always wanted.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs?

We are a reliable kitchen remodeling company complete with licenses and insurance. 

You deserve a kitchen remodeling company that you can trust. We value credibility above all, that’s why we have made sure we are licensed and insured. Whether you’re looking for a simple kitchen upgrade or a full-blown makeover, we’ll get you the kitchen you envisioned. We do kitchen remodeling in Ambler that fits your style and budget. Our services include painting works, cabinet installation, stone countertops installation, plumbing works—and much more!

We build your dream kitchen the way you like it. 

The benefit of working with us is that you get to experience your kitchen in virtual reality in the planning stage before we set out to work in the actual construction phase. We want to ensure that you’ll love the kitchen we build for you so we’re going the extra mile with 3D rendering and 360 VR. We go above and beyond to bring you your dream kitchen. 

A kitchen remodeling company with a proven track record in Ambler, PA

We have done kitchen remodeling in Ambler for years from simple kitchen remodeling work to a luxurious kitchen upscale. We save homeowners like you who are tired of working in an outdated kitchen that can cause stress and frustration. Clients choose us over and over because of our exceptional service. 

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We’re here to help you turn your outdated kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you have a specific style in mind or looking for kitchen designs to explore, we’re here for you from evaluation to planning and construction. At 215 Mercury, we are experts in kitchen remodeling and we work hard every day to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. Call us today at (215) 637-2879 to get a free estimate!

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