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With over 21+ bathroom remodeling jobs of experience on a yearly bases, we strive to provide you the unmatched level of customer service, stellar workmanship, and first-rate materials we have been consistently delivering to all our clients. Our ultimate goal is to create a bathroom that you love and will cherish for a long time to come..

Walk-in Shower, Infinity Shower, Vanity Counters, Toilet,
Standing Shower, Rain Shower, Flooring, Lights, Tub , many more.

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We serve homeowners in Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Willow Grove, Glenside,  Wyncote, and Bryn Mawr, PA, and Surrounding Greater Philadelphia Area

Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Create a Peaceful Ambiance

Did you know that the average person spends a whopping 813.3 days in the bathroom throughout their life? It’s not a surprise, especially when we all love using our phones on the toilet. What better reason to remodel your bathroom so you can enjoy a clear headspace as you begin and conclude your day in the bathroom?

Customize It for Yourself

Let’s face it. The bathroom wasn’t perfect when you bought the house. There’s always something that doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. Allow us to tailor them to your desires. Our bathroom remodeling services include design revamps, brand new installations, wall and flooring revisions, and strategic lighting configurations.

Maximize Storage Space

If there’s one thing we all hate about bathrooms, it’s that they are never big enough for our toiletries, towels, linens, cleaning supplies, and whatnot. With our bathroom remodeling services, you will get to experience a more spacious bathroom that can accommodate all your stuff. No more frustrations from scrambling through the mess.

Promote User Safety

Bathrooms are loaded with hazards — from slippery floors and tubs, to fragile glass shower screens. It’s important you optimize your bathroom for the safety of your children, elder ones, and every other user. This is exactly what we will do for you, by assessing the risks associated with your current layout and formulating a safer bathroom plan.

Stay Organized

Raise your hands if you have a bunch of clutter at that dreaded corner of your bathroom. You’re not alone! In fact, almost every household can’t keep their bathrooms organized. Get your custom-made cabinetry and drawers installed with our help. You will see that everything is where they are supposed to be — sectioned according to category.

Increase Home Value

Buyers are very critical about two things: the kitchen and the bathroom, the two most functional spaces of every house. If you’re looking to sell your house, you might want to engage our bathroom remodeling services. A bathroom remodel not only makes a good impression to potential buyers, but it also hikes up your home value, increasing your ROI.

Our 3-Phase Bathroom Remodeling Process

Phase 1: On-Site Bathroom Analysis (FREE)

Our professional team of bathroom remodeling contractors will perform a through safety analysis on your bathroom. They will then measure the dimensions of your bathroom, toilets, cabinetry, and shower area to evaluate the remodeling possibilities.

Phase 2: The Master Plan (FREE)

Based on your design and functional goals, we will create a bespoke 3D rendering of your dream bathroom — this is where you come in. We will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with every square inch of the design proposed. Your opinions and feedback are instrumental to creating the bathroom design you love.

Phase 3: Remodeling in Action

Upon finalizing your bathroom design, our contractors will start implementing it. Your new bathroom will be up and running within 3 to 4 weeks. Until then, say hi to our bathroom remodeling contractors who will be in and out of your home during the day.

Our 4 Core Principles

To us, these principles define what it means to be bathroom remodeling contractors today. Adhering to these beliefs is our way of honoring the trust you put in us to transform and bring new life to something as intimate as your bathroom.

Quality Over Everything

Just like you, we appreciate the value of durability and functionality. We always use the best-in-class materials for your project, even if it means increasing our costs.

Always Exceed Expectations

Though not great for business, we work hard to deliver more value than you would expect from the price you pay for our bathroom remodeling services.

Work for With Customers

We strive to establish a synergistic relationship with our customers. Your ideas and opinions combined with our expertise are what make the dream work.

Focus on Results. The Customer, More.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force of what we do. While excellent results are essential, our final goal remains to deliver happiness to our clients.


Our Bathroom Remodeling Gallery

215mercury-bathroom-remodeling-northeast-phila-after 4

Bathroom Remodeling: Northeast Phila, PA

November 28, 2021

215-mercury-bathroom-remodel-elkins-park-pa-after 2

Bathroom Remodeling: Elkins Park PA

November 21, 2021


Bathroom Remodeling: Abington, PA

November 14, 2021

215mercury-bathroom-remodeling-wyncote-pa-before 1

Kitchen Remodeling: Wyncote, PA

November 8, 2021


Bathroom Remodeling: Northeast Philadelphia, PA

August 30, 2021

mt.-airy-bathroom-remodel-philadelphia-pa 4

Bathroom Remodeling: Mt. Airy Philadelphia PA

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small-bathroom-remodel-jenkintown-pa 2

Bathroom Remodeling: Jenkintown PA

July 12, 2021


Bathroom Remodeling: Jenkintown PA

July 12, 2021


Bathroom Remodeling: Glenside PA

May 23, 2021

bathroom-remodel-langhorne-pa 1

Bathroom Remodeling: Langhorne PA

May 10, 2021


Bathroom Remodeling: Glenside PA

May 10, 2021

bathroom-remodeled-havertown-pa (3)

Bathroom Remodeling: Havertown PA

April 19, 2021

elkins-park bathroom remodel: circle mirror

Bathroom Remodeling: Elkins Park Philadelphia, PA

April 12, 2021

Bathroom Remodeling: Manayunk Philadelphia, PA

March 12, 2021

bathroom remodeling Delaware

Bathroom Remodeling: Northeast Philadelphia, PA

February 15, 2021

Bathroom Remodeling: Manayunk, PA

February 2, 2021

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January 29, 2021

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Bathroom Remodeling: Philadelphia PA

December 30, 2020

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November 17, 2020

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August 19, 2020

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June 23, 2020

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June 23, 2020

Bathroom Remodeling: King of Prussia, PA

June 23, 2020

Bathroom Remodeling: Abington, PA

June 23, 2020

Bathroom Remodeling: Chinatown, Philadelphia

June 23, 2020

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