Bathroom Remodeling in Oreland, PA
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Bathroom Remodeling in Oreland, PA

We strive to make every homeowner happy by providing reliable bathroom remodeling services in Oreland, PA.

Is your bathroom in need of modernization and functionality upgrades? Our bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA, at 215Mercury, may assist you in transforming your space into one that is up-to-date and functional.

To make your bathroom more pleasant and functional, we can assist you in designing a layout that makes the most of the available space, incorporating storage options, and modernizing your fixtures. Allow us to assist you in transforming your bathroom into a space that is attractive, functional, and fits all of your requirements.

Why is Bathroom Remodeling Essential?

Improved Safety

The bathroom is one of the busiest areas in any home, and it’s essential to ensure that safety concerns like flooring stability, water drainage, ventilation, electric shock hazards, etc., are addressed during remodeling and kept up to date over time.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA, helps give an aging or outdated space a much-needed facelift – whether replacing old cabinetry with modern storage solutions or simply repainting walls for extra vibrancy!

Improved Appraisal Value

Most people need to think about this, but updating your bathrooms adds value if you sell your house at some point.

Increased Efficiency

Bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA, is energy-efficient because today’s technology often brings more efficient ways regarding toilet flushing systems and shower heads.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Vanity

Our custom vanity service is an excellent way to give your bathroom a fresh look. Our team will work with you to choose the perfect sink, countertops, and fixtures to match your decor. We understand that your vanity is an essential component of your bathroom, and we take great care to ensure you get the perfect design that meets your specific needs.

Sinks and Faucets

Our selection of sinks and faucets is sure to impress. We offer various contemporary and traditional styles so that you can find the perfect match for your bathroom. Our professionally installed products are made from high-quality materials designed for lasting durability. Whether you’re looking for something modern or classic, we’ve got you covered.

Tubs and Showers

If you need a new bathtub or shower, look no further. We offer an extensive selection of luxurious walk-in showers and space-efficient corner tubs specially tailored to fit any size or shape of the room perfectly. Our team will work with you to find the best option for your needs and budget.


With decades of experience dealing with water heaters, garbage disposals, and dishwashers/washing machines hookups in residential and commercial settings, you’ll find what’s needed whenever working with us!

Flooring and Tiles

Discover countless options when selecting tiles and flooring options like porcelain tiles, which provide natural sophistication and easy maintenance; durable ceramic tiles available in various sizes.

Partner with Reliable Bathroom Remodelers in Oreland, PA

215Mercury is the ultimate choice for bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA. We offer various innovative design solutions, no matter what size space you have or the budget you’re working with. Every potential customer receives a free 360° virtual reality assessment and can use our visualizer tool to view 3D renderings of our future bathroom before we make any final decisions.

215Mercury stands out from other companies through its commitment to top-tier quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service that ensures every satisfied client always feels taken care of throughout the process.

We understand that every homeowner has unique preferences and requirements regarding bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA. That’s why we strive to make our services as flexible as possible to meet the individual needs of our clients. From sleek modern finishes to timeless traditional decor tips, 215Mercury provides superior designs tailored for uniqueness and longevity, turning small bathrooms into luxurious masterpieces.

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Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with our expert bathroom remodeling in Oreland, PA services. Whatever vision you have, let us help make it a reality! With decades of experience and expertise, we guarantee top-quality craft every time – so contact us today to start your dream renovation immediately!

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