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215Mercury is the top choice of customers for bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte. We hold the gold standard in bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte because of our unparalleled customer service backed by years of professional experience in the area. Our customers deserve only the best service, which is why we constantly improve our work by keeping up with the trends in bathroom design. 

We are committed to delivering quality service and pridefully being experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We have a portfolio of satisfied clients that include homeowners, real estate agents, contractors, architects, and designers. Our team is made up of qualified professionals who will help you throughout our three-phase process from evaluation to planning and down to the actual construction works. 

If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte, we offer free estimates for all projects so you can get an idea of how much your renovation will cost before deciding if it’s worth it or not.

Bathroom Upgrades from Professional Edgemeonte Remodelers

Edgemonte, PA is a refreshing neighborhood with picturesque views and beautiful homes. It’s one of the best places to live in Philadelphia, and many retirees choose to live here because of its conservative suburban community. Homeowners in Edgemonte have a taste for contemporary design, especially in bathrooms. Many homeowners here look forward to remodeling their bathrooms to keep up with the latest trends in design to increase the value of their homes. While others go for bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte because they want to upgrade their bathroom experience each time they take a shower. 

Dark-themed bathrooms with a touch of white are a rising trend in bathroom design, especially for those who prefer a luxurious style. If you prefer lighter tones, you can go for an all-white bathroom with wooden accents, glass shower doors, and live potted plants that give you a relaxing bathroom experience. 

For many homeowners, the bathroom is more than just a place where you get ready for work. The bathroom is your place of calmness, where you can enjoy quality time with yourself while relaxing in a warm bath after a long day at work. No wonder many homeowners go for bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte to achieve a spa-like experience in their bathrooms that rejuvenates their minds and body- an investment worth spending on. 

The bathroom is not just a place, it’s an experience. If you have the budget and you are ready for a bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte, work with the right team of remodelers that can achieve your idea of a perfect bathroom. At 215Mercury, we have the skill, expertise, and experience working on bathroom remodeling in Edgemont. You also get to experience your bathroom plan in realistic imagery in the planning phase so you get a feel of the design before we start construction. It’s a value-added service we give to our customers for free before we work on their bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte. 

Whether you’re bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte to increase your home’s value or to achieve a spa-like experience every shower, we are the right team to get it done.

Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs?

We are versatile and can work with any bathroom design. 

Working on bathroom projects within and around Edgemonte exposed us to a variety of bathroom designs. Our experience and expertise in bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte make us the most versatile bathroom remodeler in the area. Whether you are going for a comforting and nostalgic, old-fashioned bathroom style or chic and fresh modern designs, we know just how to get it done just the way you like. 

We have a proven track record and are licensed to do the job.

Years of professional experience working on the bathrooms of suburban Edgemont homes makes us the top choice of homeowners. Our proven track record in bathroom remodeling in Edgemont, BBB accreditation, licenses, and insurance, give you the peace of mind that you are working with reliable contractors who have the skills and expertise in bathroom remodeling. 

You get to experience your design in realistic imagery for free. 

One benefit of working with us is that we let you experience the planned design in realistic imagery before we start construction. This value-added service is made possible by 3D rendering and 360 VR, a feature that we give to our clients for free. 

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Edgemonte is the perfect place for a laid-back lifestyle. It’s no surprise homeowners invest in bathroom remodeling in Edgemonte because of how it makes them feel at the end of the day. We are an easy choice if you are looking for a reliable contractor to do your bathroom. Call us today at (215) 637-2879, and let’s get you your dream bathroom.

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