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Why You Need Virtual Reality For Your Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

Visual technology is not just about video games. In fact, there are many applications of virtual reality in various industries, some of which include interior design, construction, property development, and architecture.

Despite the massive advantages brought about by 360° 3D VR for home remodeling, the technology is still yet to be applied in the industry.

Fortunately, 215Mercury is pioneering the 3D VR technology in Pennsylvania to bring you a state-of-the-art experience that will make your bathroom and kitchen remodeling a lot easier, cheaper, and faster.

How Does 360° 3D VR Work?

Using advanced computer applications, the 3D representation of your redesigned room will be projected using a cutting-edge VR headset.

Upon consolidating all data including the room’s current measurements, and the completed 3D rendering of your desired bathroom or kitchen, you can put on the VR headset as you stand inside your old room and watch the space transform before your eyes.

Because of this advanced technology, you can interact and engage with your future kitchen or bathroom before any work even starts.

VR For Your Home Remodeling

This technological advancement brings about massive benefits not just for your interior designer and contractor, but also for you as the client. Here are some reasons why you should opt for this service when you’re planning to remodel your home.
Engage with your new space before it you start building.

As mentioned, virtual reality allows you to see the result of your remodel before you even start building. This provides you the opportunity to inspect the model with clear detail so you can have a definitive idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to stand in your new kitchen or bathroom as if it’s already remodeled to allow you to engage with the new space. Change any fixture, fitting, or furnishing that you do not want and make better decisions instantly. VR allows you to immerse yourself into the design unlike just seeing them from a drawing or a computer screen.

Get a more accurate idea of how the space will look.

Seeing your designs and remodeling plans on drawings is one thing, it’s another thing to actually see them before your eyes, step into the space, and interact with your surroundings. Seeing 2-dimensional models are extremely helpful but they are not as accurate as you need them to be. Once you step inside the model through VR headsets, you get to see which needs adjustments or corrections, and you’ll better understand how space is distributed in the room. You also get to have a better grasp of how light and sound travel in the room, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Understand the way the space feels in different environmental conditions.

With virtual reality, you don’t just get to see the remodel before it even starts, you get to feel it as well. A lot of design and layout adjustments for high-function areas like the bathroom and kitchen are sought out because they don’t feel right for the inhabitants. With VR, you get to understand how you feel in the new space before any work has been carried out. It allows you to scale the space and get a much more accurate perspective. VR can also be designed to show you how the space would look and feel through different times of the day and the different seasons.

Save time and money.

Through VR technology and the precise perspective that it provides, you get to catch minor and major issues prior to the building stage. You can also make clearer decisions and you are less likely to change your mind in the middle of the project because you have already stepped into the finished space long before it has started. This could save you a lot of time and money in terms of correcting unforeseen problems, which would otherwise cause delays and increased labor and materials costs.

Communicate better with your contractor/designer.

Since you, your contractor, and your interior designer can all step inside the space, communication will be much clearer and more detailed. You can point out your concerns directly to your contractors while in the space so there is no room for miscommunication. You are better able to understand each other as opposed to discussing a 2D drawing. All concerned parties can collaborate better and come up
Work With The Pioneers Of 360°

3D VR In Bathroom And Kitchen Remodeling In Pennsylvania

Be able to virtually see your dream bathroom or kitchen at an early stage and witness it become a reality when you work with 215 Mercury, the first and only contractor offering VR technology in the area.

Enjoy interactively engaging with your space virtually, make better decisions, and save time and money when you work with us. Visit our website to learn more about our VR service.