When you seek a kitchen remodel, it becomes really very important to consider the budget. It is because, even though there’s an abundance of options you have for your kitchen remodel, you need to decide on what’s specific you can or need to add to the space.

The professionals will definitely be helping you with suggestions on what might be necessary for the space, but it’s you who need to finalize the options, depending on the kitchen remodel cost you want to invest.

So, this article is to help you understand how much should be your kitchen remodel budget in order to get an astounding makeover for your property.

How Much Money is Considered the Right Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Whether you want an entire kitchen renovation or want just to change the existing cabinets, your budget should be on point. As per experts, the average kitchen remodel cost will be around $20,000 to $50,000. The cost varies depending on the kitchen renovation models you choose to get the desired makeovers.

If you intend to save money yet want to get a charming appeal for your kitchen space, then you can go with a low-level kitchen remodeling approach. Depending on how high you can go on your budget, consider a high or medium size kitchen remodel.

To give you an idea, the base kitchen renovation model will be very simplistic. For instance, the stock cabinets will be refaced or refinished to give you a standard look. But on the other hand, hiring kitchen remodeling contractors for a high-end job will get you the chance to install custom kitchen cabinets to set a charismatic ambiance.

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How to Decide on the Kitchen Remodel Costs?

If you are concerned about how to decide on adequate kitchen remodel costs that would fit your budget and would give your kitchen that amazing look, here’s a breakdown for you:

  • Cabinet Hardware

    Spend a large chunk, at least 29% of your budget, on installing custom cabinets. Your existing cabinets might look fine, but changing them will account for a major remodel and will add a brilliant appeal.

  • Appliances

    The next big amount of the kitchen remodel budget should be spent on appliances. Take it as 17% of the total budget.

  • Installation Costs

    Spend 13% of the budget of your kitchen remodeling project on all forms of installations.

  • Countertop

    The next big part of the kitchen remodels is the countertop. Spend 11% of your budget on revamping the kitchen countertops.

  • Light Fixtures

    Spend 10% of the overall kitchen renovation budget on light fixtures and electrical wirings.

  • Plumbing or Gas Lines

    Once the aesthetics and prime functionalities are taken care of, spend 6% of the budget on plumbing or gas lines.

  • Flooring

    Now comes to the floors! Revamp your kitchen floor with not more than 5% of the overall cost. Depending on the custom cabinetry and the countertop you chose, the floors will be decided accordingly. You ought to consider this design preference to make your kitchen stand out!

  • Tile Backsplash Installation

    Tile backsplash should take not more than 5% of the budget you have set for your kitchen renovation.

  • Miscellaneous

    The final 4% should be kept for any other miscellaneous expenses that might come up while you replace kitchen cabinets or work with the tile backsplash installations.

For all the better reasons, it is specified that you should keep aside around 10-20% of the total budget to meet your impulse kitchen remodel decisions.

Suppose you instantly feel the necessity of installing energy-efficient kitchen appliances to save money in the long run. Now, such tech-advanced appliances will cost more, and you won’t be accountable for your minor kitchen remodel cost anymore. In that case, an additional budget comes in handy without draining your funds.

Parting Words

The kitchen is the first space that you should consider remodeling. It is because this part of the house adds a vibrant elegance to the entire property. Most homeowners today prefer to save money on renovations of other rooms and plan on specifying a higher budget for kitchen remodeling.

So, are you keen on getting your dream kitchen reconstructed out of the existing one? Well, you just have to set aside the budget for it and hire professionals for the job. So, before you head out to search for ‘kitchen remodeling near me‘ on Google, make sure to specify your budget beforehand.

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