Budget For A Bathroom Remodel In King Of Prussia

Nowadays, the standard expectations for a bathroom remodel aren’t just a custom look radiating utility. People look to the modern bathroom as a place of personal oasis emanating joy and tranquility, with a spa-like atmosphere where they can truly relax. Homeowners of these bathrooms also hope that the remodeling will increase the value of their homes.

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Is Bathroom Remodeling in King of Prussia Expensive?

How much does a reasonable bathroom remodel cost? What about the cost of bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia PA?

According to the latest data from home improvement site Angi, bathroom remodels typically range from $6,000 to $16,000 with a national average of $10,788 or about $70 to $275 per square foot. Before inflation and labor shortage started to affect home remodeling in 2020, homeowners were already spending as high as $20,000 to $30,000 on primary bath renovations as highlighted by a National Kitchen and Bath Association study. Spending as high as $50,000 or even beyond was not uncommon.

According to the 2021 Houzz & Home, even as the cost of bathroom remodeling has increased steadily since 2018 and ranked second among the top house service projects on the 2021 Home Advisor True Cost Report undertaken by nearly one-third of the households surveyed.

The fair price for bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia has been determined to be $9,516 – $13,142, well within the national average.

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Factors that Make Bathroom Remodeling Costly

A lot of factors go into the pricing of bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia. Pricing for home improvement services is a function of four things: material quantity, material quality, labor quantity, and labor quality. Each is important, and labor quality, the hardest to measure and understand, is arguably the most important. Great labor for bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia is ultimately a bargain considering the hidden skills, talents, wisdom, capabilities, and other beneficial attributes of a skilled tradesperson.

An expert bathroom remodeler can guide toward the most effective layout for shower and bath, in addition to all of the competencies required in the tradesperson. There are ways a consumer can assess the labor quality of a service provider for bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia, which include the following:

  1. Reading consumer reviews thoroughly from trusted marketplaces;
  2. Asking for referrals and calling them. Checking for work history, licenses, and certifications;
  3. Requesting photos or videos of recent work; and
  4. Discussing their timeline and budget expectations, as well as the assumptions they’re making in setting them.

You can have a tremendous amount of expertise and talent built into the price you pay for your bathroom remodeler.

A National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) report showed that homeowners spent an average of $32,000 remodeling their bathrooms in 2019, significantly higher than what they spent on redoing a guest bath (about $18,000) or a powder room (about $12,000). It also revealed that two-thirds of the projects showed an increase in size over the previous layout and the most popular layout change is bathtub removal to increase the size of the shower.

The cost of most everything including building materials has skyrocketed. Prices of items like windows, sheetrock, insulation, lumber, and even pipes have been impacted.

Fixtures with advanced modern features such as showers with multiple heads, temperature-balanced water controls, steam production, and built-in benches drive up the costs and plumbing installation.

There are tile materials in every style and price point. Marble and glass tiles, generally more expensive than porcelain tiles, will also cost more to install.

There are countless style ideas but many of them carry hefty price tags. Complex patterns add elegance and beauty but increase the cost of installation. Intricate designs also require more waste from extra materials to create those patterns and designs. There can short supply of building supplies and delays inevitably happen.

How Much Budget Should You Allot for Bathroom Remodeling in King of Prussia?

You can do a bathroom remodeling in King of Prussia when you for instance are used when you deal with minor changes or more intensive upgrading of your bathroom. There are a lot of things that you can do. You can have a bathtub installed if you do not have one, or have an existing one refinished. You can have your bathroom relayed out or extended for additional space. You can have vanities or cabinets installed and this can also include repainting your bathroom walls or getting new tiles when you are having bathroom renovations. The things that you can do are limited only by your ideas and budget. You can practically add or upgrade any part of your bathroom to your satisfaction.

A beautifully remodeled bathroom can deliver joy and comfort at a time when you need it. Be wary because the cost per square foot of a remodel can run into hundreds of dollars if you don’t plan and budget for best-value products and services, and find a contractor who can carry out the work with expertise and cost efficiency within your budget.

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