Bathroom remodeling is essential to enhance the aesthetic features of the bathroom and get additional functionality or enjoyment out of the space. The process is challenging, laborious, and painstaking. You need a significant amount of preparation and flexibility in the budget. Bathroom remodeling, when done right, is worth your investment. It will be a reflection of your style. The remodeled bathroom will provide you with the luxurious comfort you desire. It also increases your home’s value. You can usually recoup 65% to 70% of bathroom remodeling costs upon selling, one of the highest returns of any home improvement project. How does bathroom remodeling work?

How Does Bathroom Remodeling Work

Bathroom remodeling can be a pretty daunting task because of the compactness of the area and often limited ability to move things. The process involves a wide variety of tasks that are more complex than most other remodeling projects. It also tends to vary significantly depending on the type and complexity of the bathroom remodeling project, your requirements, and your preferences. For instance, some projects need moving walls and others do not.

You need to completely understand the scope of the project before any work begins. How does bathroom remodeling work according to the different types of bathroom remodels?

Bathroom Repairs

This type of bathroom remodeling project addresses functional problems or issues with the current bathroom. It fixes faults such as leaky sinks, running toilets, slow-draining bathtubs, and cracked floor tiles.

Minor Cosmetic Upgrade

In a minor cosmetic upgrade project, the look of the bathroom is enhanced and updated without making any major, expensive changes. Among the cosmetic improvements in this type of project are the installation of new light fixtures, repainting of walls, and replacement of shower heads and cabinet knobs and pulls.

Major Cosmetic Upgrade

This type of bathroom remodeling project addresses the same problems as a minor project but also includes new wall tile, flooring, and sinks.

Remodel Current Bathroom

In this type of bathroom remodeling, all existing surfaces, fittings, and cabinetry are replaced but large fixtures such as toilets and tubs are left in place.

Ground-up Bathroom Remodel

The ground-up approach is chosen when a total transformation is required. Here, the entire bathroom is torn down and rebuilt from scratch. This may include removing walls to enlarge the room.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Remodeling Your Bathroom

After having a general idea of how does bathroom remodeling work, let us describe the steps involved in the process you must be aware of. Note that the specific needs of your project will determine the steps of the bathroom remodeling process and its order. You can adapt this list of steps according to your needs.

1. Plan it all out.

Develop a floor plan. It is essential to identify the location of the existing plumbing and wiring and where you finally want it to get accurate estimates from electricians and plumbers. It is also good to get a feel of the pricing color schemes.

2. Demolish the old bathroom.

Demolition without proper planning can prove to be disastrous. Be sure to disconnect the room’s electricity and water supply to the toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub. Take care not to damage underlying piping, wiring in the walls, and any features you will need later on. Carefully remove the toilet and sink without breaking them. Remove lighting fixtures, baseboards, towel racks, and other accessories from the bathroom.

3. Make plumbing adjustments.

Start plumbing for new fixtures once all the square footage of your bathroom has been exposed. Replace the toilet flange and install a new bathtub or shower. If you are installing dual shower heads, install a water line extension or replace controls for your shower head. When installing an extra sink for a double vanity, attend to any required plumbing modifications.

4. Work on the electrical wiring.

With the walls now open, you can rework the bathroom’s electrical wiring. Try replacing 15-ampere wiring with a 20-ampere circuit, which will help use appliances like hair dryers more efficiently.

It is the right opportunity to install or relocate more electrical outlets. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle can come in handy for outlets present near water.

5. Install blocking for grab bars.

You can add blocking between studs to provide additional support for your grab bars.

6. Close the walls.

Put up a vapor barrier and cement board, and vapor barrier in the shower stall or tub’s moist areas. Known to be significantly resistant to moisture, cement boards also provide adequate support to your wall tile.

7. Paint the walls.

Interior paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish is recommended. They are generally resistant to heavy moisture in the bathroom. By finishing the paint job before installing the tile, sink, vanity, bathtub, and toilet you can decrease the risk of paint staining your brand-new flooring or fixtures.

8. Install the tiles.

You can now start putting up the tiles. Tile the bathtub enclosure or shower walls first before moving to other areas. After installing the wall time, attend to the floor tile. You can use for both wall and floor tile but caulk the corners.

9. Install the shower door.

Once the bathroom tile has been installed, you can go ahead to put up the track, the shower curtain rod, or the door for your shower enclosure.

10. Install lights and exhaust fan.

Wall lighting and ceiling lights can be hooked up at this point followed by the installation of the exhaust fan.

11. Install the sink and other fixtures.

Move the sink and vanity into their respective positions after which you can proceed to hook up the plumbing to your new fixtures. Installing the toilet should be the last step in the remodeling process.

Why You Should Only Work with Trusted Bathroom Contractors

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