If you live in an older home that has been around for more than a decade, your bathroom is likely to be outdated and not as functional as it can be. And, it might be time to consider a bathroom upgrade soon. A dream bathroom is the wish of every homeowner. However, the high costs of bathroom renovation have made many homeowners think about whether or not it’s a worthy home investment. Are you also considering a bathroom remodel but are concerned about the cost? Read along for everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling costs and tips on how to save on expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Bathroom Remodel?

According to research, a typical bathroom remodeling project would cost an average American household about $6,000 to $16,000 depending on the size and style of the bathroom. The national average of bathroom remodeling costs is around $10,000, which translates to about $70 to $270 per square foot.

Although the national average is based on the average spending of every American on their bathroom remodels, many factors still affect the cost of a bathroom remodel. It’s important to remember that factors such as the cost of materials, labor, and bathroom style may increase the overall cost of your bathroom project. The cost may also vary per region and the type of contractor that you hire.

How much does it cost to have your bathroom remodeled? The safest way to get the closest estimate is to have a professional help you with assessment and planning. To do this, they will have to assess the condition of your bathroom and get the exact measurement of the space. This will help them give you an accurate estimate of how much you’re likely going to spend.

How Can You Save on Bathroom Remodeling Expenses?

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of making your bathroom more beautiful. However, a bathroom remodel is a big undertaking and it can throw you off your budget if you are not careful. If you’re worried about spending too much on a remodel, here are a few tips for saving money while still getting the job done right

1-Let go of costly custom vanities

If you want to save on bathroom remodeling, consider letting go of expensive custom vanities. Custom vanities can cost a lot of money and can even cause construction delays. Instead, consider using a ready-made vanity that you can get from home improvement stores. Choose vanities with many drawers and shelves that can hold all of your bathroom essentials and keep them within reach.

2- Make your old plumbing system work for your new bathroom design

How much does it cost to have your bathroom remodeled? Sometimes too much if you don’t watch where you spend your money. If you want to save big on bathroom remodeling, make your existing plumbing system work for your new bathroom design. Plumbing works cost about $7,000 on average. So, if you can make your existing plumbing system work, you can save this much or even more.

3- Be smart when it comes to tiling your bathroom. 

Tiling is an expensive bathroom cost because it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you want to save on bathroom remodeling, be smart when it comes to tiling works.

One trick you can do is to use a VJ board on the non-essential walls instead of tiles. This will save you hundreds of dollars on tiles and labor costs

4- Shop around for cheaper materials.  

When you shop for cheaper materials, get multiple bids from different suppliers so you can compare them. By doing this, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible on every material you spend on. Access to exclusive suppliers is also one of the perks of working with a contractor with a good reputation. Good contractors can connect you with suppliers of materials that can give you huge discounts.

5- Compare estimates from different bathroom contractors. 

Comparing estimates from different bathroom remodeling contractors is one of the best ways to save on remodeling costs. How much does it cost to have your bathroom remodeled? This question is often easily answered when you have a range of contractors to choose from. When you compare estimates from a range of contractors, you’ll be able to find one that’s right for your budget. It also gives you an idea of which contractor can do high-quality work at a fair and reasonable price.

Moreover, some contractors also offer free 3D rendering and VR. It will give you a realistic glimpse of what your bathroom will look like before you set off with the actual construction phase.

6- For small bathrooms, you can DIY the painting job

DIY painting is a great way to save on remodeling expenses. If you want to cut costs on your next remodeling project, consider painting your walls rather than hiring a contractor for the job. DIY-ing the painting works on the walls for small bathrooms will save you as much as half of the labor costs.

Let’s Bring Your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Life

These bathroom remodeling ideas will help create a bathroom oasis that you’ll love coming home to after a long day. By implementing these, you’ll be sure to create a stylish, luxurious, and oh-so-inviting bathroom. So get inspired and start transforming your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams with the best bathroom remodelers in town, 215Mercury. We’ll be sure to help you create bathroom designs that are both timeless and eye-catching. Contact us today at (215) 637-2879 to get started!

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