There are so many ways to glam up a small kitchen. Whether you have a specific taste for design or just scouting around, there are lots of inspirations for your kitchen remodeling project. Modern kitchen designs are cool but it’s even more impressive when it is inspired by an iconic movie or a TV show that you like. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most memorable small kitchen designs inspired by popular Hollywood films and TV shows. You might get an idea for remodeling a small kitchen from this list.

5 Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen Based on Popular Hollywood Films and TV Programs

Like many homeowners who are planning to do kitchen remodeling, you want yours to be memorable and iconic. To help you decide on a kitchen inspiration, we’ve curated a list of the most popular Hollywood-inspired ideas for remodeling a small kitchen:

1. The Vintage Italian Kitchen in Call Me By Your Name

The home designed by Tiffany Brooks is featured in the Italian film Call Me By Your Name. This beautiful kitchen is cradled in an old home in Italy where a white and serene social space overlooked the movie’s iconic outdoor garden. Clean white walls, copper pots and pans, and vintage details reflect the understated style of the Italian countryside. If you are going for a relaxed and laid-back design for your kitchen remodeling, this is an excellent inspiration.

2. Cameron Diaz’s Modern Kitchen with Beachy Accent Featured in The Holiday Movie

Cameron Diaz’s kitchen in The Holiday movie is an example of how you can play with colors to bring a beachy vibe to a modern kitchen design. The deep blue cabinets and cool-toned countertops were complemented by the light wooden dining table that created a spacious feel in the kitchen. This unique take on a contemporary kitchen deserves your attention if you are eyeing designs for your kitchen remodeling project.

3. The Mysterious and Magical Victorian-Style Kitchen in Practical Magic

Practical Magic is a classic film, based on the book by Alice Hoffman. Practical Magic tells the story of two sisters who were born with magical powers. The movie takes place in Massachusetts, where the sisters live together in their family home that’s been passed down through generations of witches.

The kitchen seen in Practical Magic has captured the attention of many home enthusiasts because of its modern take on an uncanny vintage kitchen. The kitchen gives a mystical vibe, featuring deep wooden floors and accents, vaulted ceilings, bold tiles, and a hearth-inspired stove. If you love Victorian-style kitchens with a magical twist, take inspiration from this design when kitchen remodeling.

4. Gloria and Jay’s Iconic Chic and Modern Kitchen

Modern Family features many beautiful home designs and edgy kitchens. But one that particularly stood out is Gloria and Jay’s chic and modern kitchen. With bold walls, sleek white countertops, and of course—zebra chairs, you simply couldn’t miss this contemporary kitchen look that deserved its spot in Hollywood. It’s a go-to kitchen remodeling design for small spaces.

5. This is 40’s Crisp and Clean Open-Concept Kitchen

If you’ve watched the movie This is 40, the all-white modern kitchen might have caught your attention. It’s the type of kitchen that you go for when remodeling a small home because of its clean and spacious vibe. It features an open-concept kitchen wherein there’s a smooth transition between the living room and the kitchen area. This is 40 features clean and crisp lines with a white-and-gray palette. The space has a modern feel that is softened by warm accents like dark wood floors and colorful fruits displayed on the countertop. The shiny stainless steel appliances create harmony and balance in the design.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Style When You Remodeling A Small Kitchen

These iconic kitchens featured in the movies and TV series prove that even with limited space, your kitchen can still look stunning and stylish. If you are planning to do kitchen remodeling, carefully consider which kitchen design you want to go for, one of these Hollywood kitchens might inspire you in your kitchen remodeling project. These ideas for remodeling a small kitchen are easy to follow and they can be done in your kitchen too. Take inspiration from these designs and make the most out of your kitchen space even if you have little to work with.

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