Looking for a kitchen remodeling project in Philadelphia? We’ve got you covered! 

Our team of professionals is proud to provide top-notch service to homeowners in the Philadelphia area. But don’t just take our word for it—check out these kitchen remodeling before and after photos and see for yourself why our clients love us.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Project at Elkins Park, PA

Before we get into the details of our kitchen remodeling project in Elkins Park, PA, let’s take a look at the kitchen remodeling before and after photos of this project:



As you can see above, this was not a small task. We had to renovate everything from flooring to countertops and cabinets. But we sure had fun making the client’s vision for his kitchen remodeling project come alive. 

This kitchen remodeling project in Elkins Park, PA, was a labor of love. We wanted to make the space more functional and aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining the integrity of the original design and we successfully did that as you can see in the kitchen remodeling before and after photos above.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Project at Fort Washington, PA

Here are some of the kitchen remodeling before and after photos from our kitchen remodeling project at Fort Washington, PA:



The homeowner had a very specific vision for her kitchen and we were able to bring it to life. She wanted custom cabinets in a white wood tone with a modern finish and marble countertops that were both durable enough for everyday use yet timeless enough to remain in style for years to come. We also renewed the flooring and revived the kitchen lighting as shown in the kitchen remodeling before and after photos above.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Project at Drexel Hill, PA

This Drexel Hill, PA kitchen project was remodeled to give the homeowners a functional space where they could cook and entertain. The before photo shows a dim-lit space with dark cupboards and an outdated look. Meanwhile, in the after photo, you’ll see how we transformed it into a more modern space.



The client’s kitchen space now looks and feels much more spacious. We’ve also added a kitchen island with a premium granite top where the client and their loved ones can bond over good food and warm conversations for many years to come.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Project at Overbrook, PA

We worked with a client in Overbrook, PA kitchen remodeling project. Below are the kitchen remodeling before and after photos:



The cabinets and countertops were replaced, and we also installed new lighting and flooring. We had our team remove the existing cabinets and replace them with new ones that were better suited for their needs as well as being more cost-effective than custom cabinetry would have been.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for any room—and kitchens are no exception here either so we added a mini chandelier to enhance the lighting in the kitchen space while also illuminating other areas of the home within proximity.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Photos Prove We are the Best at What We Do

While it’s certainly true that a kitchen remodeling project can go beyond simply making a space more functional, there’s no denying that it can also create a more welcoming space in which you’ll want to spend time. Whether you intend to keep your home or sell it in the future, consider how kitchen remodeling could improve not only the look and feel of your kitchen but also its value on the real estate market.

These are just a few examples of our kitchen remodeling projects in Philadelphia. 215Mercury has done many more for our clients and can help you with yours, too! To see more kitchens we’ve transformed for our clients in Philadelphia, feel free to check out our Kitchen Remodeling Portfolio page

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