If you’re planning to do a small kitchen remodeling to utilize extra space in your kitchen, you might want to consider installing a kitchen bar. This is a great way to add functionality to your kitchen while creating an area for entertaining guests. However, a kitchen bar may not be suitable for some kitchen spaces. This article has everything you need to know about installing a kitchen bar, so read along before you decide to perform small kitchen remodeling.

What is a Kitchen Bar and What are its Uses?

Kitchen bars are a great way to add more countertop space, storage, and seating space to your kitchen. They’re similar in concept to the kitchen island, in that they give you more space to work with. The main difference would be in your kitchen’s structure and placement. A kitchen bar is attached to a wall or an existing countertop, giving you only a maximum of three usable sides, while a kitchen island is a stand-alone structure, usually in the center of your kitchen.

The kitchen bar is a favorite kitchen remodeling design of homeowners because it gives them a functional space for entertaining guests. Busy homeowners like the idea of a kitchen bar because it gives them an area where they can enjoy a quick breakfast without the need to set up the whole dining table.

If you belong to a big family and prepare big meals daily, a kitchen bar would be a strategic addition to your kitchen. When preparing big meals, you could use the additional space of the kitchen bar as your extended working space. Moreover, if you’re a home baker, a kitchen bar will give you more space for kneading dough, plus a decent working area for icing and decorating confections

Different Types of Kitchen Bars to Choose From

Kitchen bars come in many shapes, sizes, and designs that you can choose from to match your small kitchen remodeling project. Here are the most popular kitchen bar types you may want to familiarize with for your next kitchen upgrade.

1- Ledge Kitchen Bar

A ledge-type kitchen bar has the simplest design of all kitchen bars. It’s a ledge that you can extend from your existing countertop and it’s large enough to accommodate at least two bar stools. This type of kitchen bar is ideal for L-shaped kitchens.

It would only cost you a minimal amount on small kitchen remodeling, so if you’re on a budget, go for the ledge type.

2- Wall-Fixed or Floating Kitchen Bar

Another popular kitchen bar type is the wall-fixed kitchen bar, also called the floating kitchen bar. One side of the bar is installed directly on a wall giving it a floating illusion. This kitchen bar type is gaining popularity over the years because of its modern and minimalist style.

If you have a small kitchen space but still want to make a functional kitchen bar with your little space, this type of kitchen bar could work.

3-Free-Standing Kitchen Bar

The free-standing kitchen bar is ideal for kitchens that have a complex design. If you struggle to find a good angle to attach a ledge-type kitchen bar to your existing counter and you have enough kitchen space to work with, go for the free-standing type. The advantage of this type of kitchen bar is that you can completely walk around it and all four sides of the kitchen bar are usable.

This type of kitchen bar is usually custom-made to fit your kitchen requirements so it could be an expensive item in your kitchen remodeling project.

Small Kitchen Remodeling: When to Install a Bar in Your Kitchen

A kitchen bar is an upgrade that many homeowners look forward to when kitchen remodeling. However, it can be tricky to install and can throw you off your budget if you have not planned properly. Here are simple tips to know when to install a bar in your kitchen:

1. Install a kitchen bar if you have enough space for it.

When adding a kitchen bar, the first thing to consider is the space where it will go. Assess the area and decide how much floor space you are willing to give up for it. If you’re adding a stand-alone bar, there are many options for size and style that can work in any kitchen design. On the other hand, if you’re going for a design that’s integrated with the rest of the kitchen, like a ledge-type kitchen bar, consider the ones with built-in seating so it does not take up as much floor space.

2. Install a kitchen bar if it suits your kitchen’s existing design.

Another important aspect to consider when you’re planning to install a kitchen bar is if it complements the rest of your small kitchen remodeling design. The kitchen bar that you are planning to install should match the overall design of your existing kitchen. Also, consider the area where you’re planning to install your bar and think about whether or not there’s enough light in the space where you want to add it. If there isn’t any natural light coming through the windows or skylights to reach the bar, consider adding some fixtures to brighten up the space.

3. Install a kitchen bar if you have enough budget for it.

Small kitchen remodeling can be expensive, so if you are planning to add fixtures as big as a kitchen bar, it’s important to consider how it’s going to affect your overall remodeling budget. To get an accurate estimate of how much a kitchen bar is going to cost, talk to a professional kitchen remodeler. Many kitchen remodeling companies give a free estimate that will help you decide whether or not you are financially ready for a kitchen bar installation.

Work With Professional Remodelers for a Stylish Kitchen Bar

Now that you have an idea of what you should know when installing a kitchen bar, the next step is finding the right contractor for the job. Installing a kitchen bar requires skills, experience, and expertise, so finding the right kitchen remodeling company is crucial. If you want a stylish kitchen bar, only work with remodeling professionals. Professionals who have mastered their craft in big and small kitchen remodeling can provide insightful ideas on how to maximize your kitchen space while keeping the design stylish. They also help in sourcing the materials that match the rest of your kitchen’s design.

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