Pursuing remodeling when your bathroom is dated and lacks functionality is an important but expensive undertaking. When planned well and executed perfectly, the project will be worth the bathroom remodeling prices you’ll invest in it. You will be rewarded with a luxurious bathroom facility that you can use for many years to come. You’ll also benefit from an impressive 70% ROI to add to the value of the house when you decide to sell it. On the other hand, a shoddily completed bathroom remodel could be a waste of valuable dollars that will haunt you for a long time.

What Makes Bathroom Remodeling Costly?

Bathroom remodeling entails many different activities and components, with each one requiring costs. According to the online marketplace review site Angi Inc., 13 cost components make up a common bathroom remodel. Angi cost guides in November 2022 list the national average percentages of bathroom remodeling prices as follows:

  • Cabinets and shelving 25%
  • Shower and tub 22%
  • General contractor 13%
  • Tile and flooring 7%
  • Countertops 6%
  • Fixtures 6%
  • Demolition and prep 6%
  • Faucets and plumbing 4%
  • Doors and windows 4%
  • Vent fan and lighting 2%
  • Sinks 2%
  • Permits 2%
  • Toilets 1%

Database from thousands of real-life Angi projects shows that the bathroom remodeling prices national average for a standard bathroom can range anywhere from $6,619 for mid-sized renovations and up to $28,000 starting from scratch with high-end materials.

Bathroom Remodeling Prices to Include in Your Budget

Let’s look at estimates for bathroom remodeling prices for a specific city like Philadelphia from two sources.

The first is the normal bathroom remodeling prices for Philadelphia from Angi. The normal range for Philadelphia is $6,089 – $13,970.

  • Average $9,970
  • Low-end $2,700
  • High-end $23,000

Another estimate for bathroom remodeling prices for Philadelphia comes from 5 Estimates.com

In general, the average bathroom remodeling prices in Philadelphia PA range between $4,106 – $14,800.

Consider the following costs of specific elements:

1. New Bathtub: A new bathtub can be purchased locally between $605 – $943. The cost of installation is not included here.

2. Shower update: Remodeling your bathroom by updating your shower will cost between $501 and $987.

3. Labor cost: The cost of labor goes towards the renovation crew, behind-the-scenes administrative staff, and subcontractors. Generally, it is dependent on a project’s size, complexity, and location. In Philadelphia, the labor portion of the bathroom remodeling prices usually adds up to around 25% – 35% of the total project cost.

4. Tiling: The purchase of tile is part of the budget to tile a bathroom. Installation and labor costs are considered in the final tiling budget. It takes $26 to $80 per square foot to tile a bathroom in Philadelphia.

5. Bathroom vanity replacement: The cost of replacing a bathroom vanity takes into account the preparation of the work site, raw materials, and labor. The materials chosen based on price point will also be considered in the budget. The total average cost to replace a vanity in Philadelphia can range anywhere from $430 to $3,700. The cost can run even higher for high-end and custom work.

6. Demolition and prep: The demolition of your old bathroom can cost you between $1,000 and $2,300 so make sure these costs are in the contractor’s estimate.

7. Small bathroom remodel: Homeowners will spend between $3,643 and $7,961 to remodel a small bathroom with the brand of tub and shower as contributing factors to the bathroom remodeling prices. The cost of remodeling a small bathroom is impacted the most by the toilets, sinks, new flooring, and tub and shower type.

8. Large bathroom remodel: The cost of remodeling a large bathroom can run as little as $6,141 or as much as $24,597. A wide array of factors can impact the total cost of remodeling a large bathroom. They include the square footage of the bathroom, tub and shower brand, removal of existing tub and shower, tile removal and installation, and new lighting.

Upgrade Your Bathroom According to Your Budget

The wide price range of bathroom remodeling components only indicates that there are plenty of ways to keep costs low as you possibly can. By working with us at 215Mercury, you can achieve cost effectiveness while expecting the highest quality of workmanship. We are a professional company with technical expertise and years of experience on bathroom remodeling. Contact us to know how we can help you create your dream bathroom according to your budget.

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