Small bathrooms are a challenge to remodel, but they don’t have to feel cramped and uncomfortable. If you’re looking for small bathroom remodeling ideas to maximize the space in your tiny bathroom, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites that will help you make your small space feel bigger and brighter.

6 Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Tiny Bathroom

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and have a taste for big and luxury, read this blog for helpful tips and ideas on how to maximize space of  your tiny bathroom!

1-Use hooks instead of towel bars.

The first one on our list of small bathroom remodeling ideas is to opt for hooks instead of towel bars. If you’ve got a small bathroom, it may help to use hooks rather than towel bars. Hooks are more space-efficient than most other bathroom accessories, and they allow you to hang up towels, bathrobes, robes, and even hand towels in the same place.

If you’ve got a shower caddy that can be hung up somewhere convenient near your sink or toilet, hooking it onto one of these hooks will keep it out of sight but still within reach for quick and easy access when needed.

2- Add a shelf above the toilet.

One of the most useful small bathroom remodeling ideas is to add a shelf above the toilet. The space above your toilet is often wasted, but you can use this area to store some of your grooming products, towels, and toiletries.

Adding shelves will keep your items hidden from view and out of reach from children as well.

3- Add a vanity with open shelving.

Another great tip from our list of small bathroom remodeling ideas is to go with a vanity with open shelving, which would work well for toiletries and other items that are used frequently. This is especially helpful if you have limited space in your bathroom and need a place for things like toothbrushes, razors, or makeup brushes.

Open shelving can be built-in or free-standing; if you choose the latter option, make sure it’s sturdy enough to support your items’ weight when placed inside it.

4- Get creative with your shower curtain rod.

There are many creative small bathroom remodeling ideas for hanging your shower curtain rod. A tension rod is a great option if you have high ceilings, while a plastic suction cup or hook-and-loop towel ring can make the most of lower ceilings. If you have no space at all, try a curtain with magnets that attach to your tub or shower wall.

These small bathroom remodeling ideas will help keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy without taking up too much space in this small room.

5- Opt for pedestal sinks and cabinetry with legs.

When it comes to small bathroom remodeling ideas, the last thing you want is a sink taking up valuable space. Instead, opt for pedestal sinks and cabinetry with legs. These pieces will give your small bathroom some much-needed visual height without taking up too much precious floor space.

If you are going to use this kind of countertop and sink combination, it’s important that the cabinetry has sturdy legs instead of casters or wheels as these can take up valuable room on top of the countertop and underneath any cabinets above them.

6- Look for mirrors with built-in storage.

Mirrors are top on the list of the best small bathroom remodeling ideas; they’re a great way to add storage to a small bathroom. If you’re looking for an easy solution, look for mirrors with built-in storage. You can hit two birds with one stone by having a mirror in your bathroom while enjoying additional storage space for your items.

Mirrors are available in many styles and finishes, including traditional framed mirrors and framed decorative mirrors designed to hang on the wall. If you don’t want a mirror that sticks out from the wall, taking up more space, you can just have the mirror itself sitting flush against your wall.

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