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Kitchen remodeling is such an exciting time for every homeowner. You finally have the resources and funds to finance your dream kitchen. A decent kitchen remodeling can be costly, the average cost would be at least $10,000. Whatever your renovation budget is, kitchen remodeling is never a small project so you have to get the right remodeling company for the job.

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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Remodeling Company

Choosing the best company to do your kitchen remodeling is the most important decision you make throughout the whole project. The success (or failure) of your dream kitchen makeover falls on the shoulder of your chosen contractor.

The best remodeling company can help you make smart decisions that will improve your home and save money over the long term so choosing the right one is very crucial.

Whether you have a list of contractors in mind or just starting from scratch, here are simple tips on how to choose the best remodeling company to work with.

1- Make a short list of the companies that you are considering for the job.

Once you have your list of companies, it’s time to start the second step: making sure they’re a good fit for your project.

Remodeling companies with running websites is a plus. This way, you’ll be able to do more research on their credentials and past works. Most companies also post client feedback on their webpage and a gallery of their kitchen remodeling works that may help you in deciding.

Take some time to review each company’s website and look at examples of their work. Find out if they are licensed and insured. Check with friends, family, or neighbors who might have worked with them in the past.

2- Research each company, and look for reviews and client feedback.

Honest feedback will help you get an unbiased opinion on their service as well as save a ton of money by avoiding a contractor who takes advantage of clients or does shoddy work.

When you’re shopping for a kitchen remodeling company, here are important steps to take:

Check out their website. If a company’s site isn’t up-to-date, it could be that they don’t have enough business to keep it updated. It also doesn’t cost much money to run a website these days, so if they don’t have one, consider it a red flag!

Look them up on the Better Business Bureau’s website and see what kind of history they have with consumers. If there are complaints against them or if they’ve been sued by clients in the past, stay away! You don’t want to deal with any headaches that might come along with hiring someone like this!

3- Ask for a list of their past works and how they handled work in the past.

Remodeling companies with exceptional customer service and good history will not have a hard time providing you with a list of their previous works.

Most remodeling companies already have a portfolio of their work. You can ask them to show you previous projects that are similar to the one you imagine your dream kitchen to be. This way, you’ll be able to compare and assess whether or not the company has the capacity and means to bring your dream kitchen to life.

If you are planning on getting some kitchen remodeling done, then this is something that you should always look into before hiring anyone.

4- Consider their availability and how well they communicate with you.

Kitchen remodeling is not something done overnight, the average construction period for an average kitchen renovation is about two weeks. With this said, you must choose a contractor that can communicate well with you.

There will be setbacks and unforeseen challenges while the construction is ongoing. That’s why you need a contractor that’s honest and reliable. Your chosen contractor should communicate with you updates on the project.

Another important thing to consider is their availability. A kitchen remodeling project needs time and attention, and if they are already overwhelmed with other projects, how will they be able to give you excellent service and undivided attention?

Ask the contractor for a scheduling system, if they are flexible enough for unexpected changes, and if they can meet the deadline.

Communication between the contractor and homeowner is very important.

5- Consider the needs of your project and how they will address them.

You may already have an image in mind of the specifics you want for your dream kitchen. Discuss with the contractor the specific needs of your project and honestly ask them if they can commit to delivering your desired output.

Contractors who fail to commit or have reasons for not committing are not your best choice. It’s best to stay away from them this early in the project.

6- Ask for a written estimate so you have figures to help you decide.

When you’re getting quotes, ask for a written estimate so that you have real numbers to help you decide. It can be difficult to get an accurate estimate over the phone or via email. A good contractor won’t mind giving you a written estimate; in fact, they should be happy to do so since it shows how serious they are about their work, and it also shows their level of professionalism in handling their clients.

Make sure you get a copy of the estimate before signing anything!

7- Only deal with a remodeling company that’s licensed and insured.

An unlicensed contractor is not only a bad choice for your kitchen remodeling project but also can be dangerous to work with. Unlicensed contractors are more likely to have no training or experience and could cause major damage to your home, which can lead to costly repairs and even injury.

Typically, the first thing you want to do when hiring a remodeling company is to check their license status. You should also check if they’re bonded (this means they have enough insurance money in case something goes wrong).

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Hire the Best Remodeling Company in Jenkintown, PA

We hope this article has given you some insight into what to look for in a remodeling company. Kitchen remodeling is a costly home renovation project so you want to get value for your money by choosing the right one for the job.

As a licensed and insured remodeling company, we are experts in kitchen remodeling, backed by our years of professional experience handling clients with different personalities, needs, and demands. Our expertise in kitchen remodeling and our commitment to delivering only the best for our clients is your guarantee that you are in good hands.


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