Kitchen remodeling is a great chance to eliminate any problems plaguing your current kitchen. If you are moving into an older home or apartment, the kitchen may have a lousy layout that will make it difficult for you to prepare meals quickly and easily. Making more substantial kitchen remodeling design modifications can save you time and stress.

Common Kitchen Layout Problems

If you’re planning a major kitchen remodeling, now is the time to address any problems that have been bothering you. Here’s a list of common kitchen layout problems and how to fix them.

Lack of Storage

It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is; having enough storage space is crucial and the first thing you should consider before doing any kitchen remodeling. There is a greater need for storage solutions in smaller kitchens because there is less room to put items. However, larger kitchens might suffer from the same issue if there’s more kitchenware, dishware, and small appliances to be housed. Choosing the correct types of cabinets and strategically positioning them in your kitchen can help. Space-saving solutions like appliance garages and deep drawer cabinets are great examples. Unlike standard cabinets, those with deep drawers provide ample space for utensils and dinnerware. Including appliance racks in your kitchen remodeling is also a good idea since it can help you better use the vertical space between your counter and wall cabinets. Additionally, you may use them to tuck away tiny appliances so they don’t take up valuable counter space.

Small Countertop Space

Inadequate counter or bench space is another frequent issue with kitchen layouts. This is incredibly annoying because your kitchen counter is needed for many different functions. In addition to its practical benefits, having ample enough countertop space also increases safety. After all, you want to avoid dragging hot food around your kitchen, looking for the safest area to set it down. Too often, when homeowners think about kitchen remodeling, they need to account for the additional counter space that may be accommodated by the area directly across from, or adjacent to, an oven or refrigerator. Another good solution you can add to your kitchen remodeling is a movable island extension.

Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation helps with grease, steam, and cooking odors. This is why selecting the highest-quality unit within your price range is essential; get ducting in the proper size for your kitchen the next time you think of doing any kitchen remodeling. This should provide quieter, better effective extraction that’s also more energy-efficient and less likely to break. Another common kitchen layout problem is picking a noisy range hood instead of one with a quiet motor, so keep that in mind. This is especially important to remember if your kitchen is open to the rest of the house or is large enough to serve as a de facto gathering spot. When someone else is in the kitchen, they should be able to carry on a normal conversation or watch TV without any disturbances.

Poor Lighting

Having enough or the proper lighting in the kitchen is a severe problem. Not only is it unsightly, but it could even endanger the safety of your home’s kitchen. If there are young children or the elderly in the house, it is hazardous to use sharp knives, open fires, or power equipment in a place where visibility is poor. Always remember that a well-lit and spacious kitchen is a secure kitchen.

The ideal method to light up your kitchen when remodeling is with a balance of ambient, job, and accent lighting. You can light up a whole room by providing ambient lighting, typically recessed or other ceiling fixtures. That is the style of light that is already installed in your kitchen. While kitchen remodeling, you should upgrade the lighting to make the room more comfortable to work in. While accent lighting is usually utilized for aesthetic purposes, task lighting can be crucial for safety. You can also install task lighting right over your primary workspaces to help you see while slicing vegetables or using tiny appliances. This will help to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Bad Kitchen Workflow

Consider traffic movement in your kitchen layout. Not thinking about how people will move around the kitchen when doing any kitchen remodeling in the area can lead to frustrating delays and bottlenecks. Your kitchen designer has to know how many people live in your home, who likes to cook, and what kind of cooking you do most often to create a kitchen that suits your needs. While a lot of kitchen designers still plan to use the typical kitchen triangle, it’s also a good idea to designate discrete spaces for prepping, washing, and cooking might result in a more efficient and personalized kitchen remodeling design.

Disorganized Home Appliances

It’s essential to provide adequate space around appliances and storage units, even if they’re strategically placed for convenience. For instance, there needs to be enough between adjacent units and appliances for doors and drawers to open without hitting anything. It is also crucial that units and appliances are close enough. It’s easier to do any work in the kitchen when no additional steps are required between kitchen appliances. Wall ovens and microwaves should not be installed at a height that makes it unsafe to remove food from them.

Let Remodeling Experts Fix Your Kitchen Layout Problems

It’s crucial to consider how you’ll utilize the kitchen when designing the layout during any kitchen remodeling. Whether you want a traditionally designed kitchen or a modern one, the most important thing to consider is how you’ll function in your kitchen—from the placement of the stove and countertops to the storage organizers that you’ll use for your kitchenware. If you have a big family, you’ll need a kitchen with lots of cabinet space and burners, but if you’re the only one using the kitchen, a triangle-shaped counter may be the most practical choice.

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