Many people consider the bathroom as their personal space where they can enjoy a much-needed “me time” or relax with a warm bath after a long day. Your bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation and luxury, so it makes sense that you invest in remodeling your space if you have the budget. Modern bathrooms have evolved so much over the years that they’re more than just a simple bath and toilet now. Bathrooms are one of the places in the home that people splurge on because of the comforting feeling they get from an inviting bathroom.

Top 10 Remodeling Tips for Luxurious Bathroom

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and have a taste for elegance and luxury, read this blog for helpful tips and ideas on how to create a luxurious bathroom for your home!

1-Upgrade basic lighting to expensive light fixtures.

Lighting fixtures are one of the first things you notice when you walk into a bathroom. If you are aiming for a luxurious feel in your bathroom remodeling, go for extravagant light fixtures like grand chandeliers with crystal ornaments.

Also consider switching to LED lights, which are more energy efficient than other kinds of lighting. They also last longer and are generally much more durable too, so you won’t have to replace them as often. If you’re looking for something really special that will get your guests talking, then go with some chandelier-style light fixtures or a modern-style hanging pendant fixture over the mirror.

2- Increase your bathroom’s size.

Large designed bathrooms instantly feel more luxurious than smaller ones. If you are remodeling a bathroom, you will need a lot of space for all the furniture and fixtures that you want to use in your expensive bathroom.

The first step in your bathroom remodeling project should be increasing your bathroom’s size to give you enough space for a bigger bathtub or an indoor jacuzzi. If you have a really large bathroom, you can add a walk-in closet to give you extra storage options while making the bathroom look larger than it would otherwise be without them.

3- Elevate simple design with elegant fixtures and decorations.

Luxurious bathroom remodeling is never complete without elegant decorations. Framed wall paintings bring an expensive look to your bathrooms. Antique clay jars, vintage storage trays, glass vases, wooden canisters, fresh flowers, and live potted plants also bring a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Giving you the fresh and clean vibe of a well-maintained bathroom.

4- Spend more on your vanity area.

The vanity area is everyone’s favorite space in the bathroom. This is where you style your hair, do your makeup, and do your skincare routine. If you are bathroom remodeling for a luxurious bathroom, you should seriously consider spending more on your vanity design.

Go for large mirrors that cover the whole wall and upgrade to granite or marble counters. Add lots of drawers where you can store your makeup and skincare products. Also, change your old faucets into new and sparkly ones, these add an expensive feel to your bathroom!

5- Use marble for the sink and counters

Marble is the most popular choice for countertops and bathroom sinks. This type of stone offers an elegant look that can be used in many bathroom styles. If you are bathroom remodeling, consider using marble on your sinks and counters. Marble is also easy to clean, making it ideal for a bathroom environment where you need to disinfect your surfaces regularly.

Marble comes in many different colors, from white to black, browns, neutrals, and everything in between. So you can easily pick out a color that suits your color scheme, style, and taste.

6- Change your old showerhead to a rainfall showerhead.

The most luxurious bathrooms have a rainfall showerhead, and it’s one important fixture you should invest in when you are bathroom remodeling. Rainfall showerheads have a unique design that allows water to flow in multiple directions at once, creating a sensation of standing under the rain.

When you step into your bathroom and feel nothing but warmth on your skin and hear only the gentle pitter-patter of water coming from above you, you’ll know your luxurious bathroom is worth its price.

7- Create a dynamic design with patterned tiles.

Patterned tiles are one of the easiest ways to create a dynamic design in any bathroom. If you are bathroom remodeling, then you should also consider using patterned tiles to create a dynamic design.

Patterned tiles are great for breaking up the space and making it less daunting and they’re great for creating a focal point in the bathroom.

8- Dress up your walls with wallpapers.

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to add personality and style to your bathroom. Setting up wallpapers on your wall may take a lot of time and patience, but you’ll be surprised how beautiful they’ll make the walls look when you finish bathroom remodeling.

Moreover, wallpapers can also be used to add color and texture to your bathroom. Adding patterned wallpaper will give your space a unique look that’s sure to catch some attention.

9- Add a couch or a bench inside the bathroom

Part of your bathroom remodeling project should also include the addition of functional furniture. A comfy couch or a sturdy wooden bench is the perfect addition to create a luxurious bathroom feel.

Cushioned couches are perfect for lounging on especially if you want to enjoy a quiet time with yourself while you relax in a spa-like ambiance. On the other hand, a wooden bench would be a better choice if you want something simple but functional.

10- Create a spa experience through candles, oils, and scents.

Luxurious bathrooms give a spa-like experience to their users. As a finishing touch, bring in some expensive fragrances through scented candles, oil extracts, diffusers, and bathroom scents. Scents have an amazing way of awakening your senses, giving your bathroom a feel of elegance and sophistication. Aromatics bring a sense of calmness that flows from your mind and throughout your whole body.

Many people dream of having luxurious bathroom spaces in their homes. If you are one of the lucky few who already have the budget and the space to bring your luxurious bathroom to life, all you need now is a reliable contractor to start your bathroom remodeling project.

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