Houses these days are expensive. For most people in the working class, dreaming of a large house with spacious spaces might not be very realistic until you’re rich and stable, so you’ll have to go with a smaller space for now. Small houses have even smaller bathroom spaces. But, don’t worry, we’ll share simple tricks that you can do in your bathroom remodeling to maximize the space while making your bathroom look big and spacious!


From choosing the right colors and materials to installing the right features such as mirrors or shower doors, there are many things you can do when bathroom remodeling.

Practical Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Follow these simple tricks on how to design a small bathroom and make it look bigger:

1- Stick to light and bright colors.

When bathroom remodeling a small space, stick with light and bright colors. White or light shades of gray are ideal for creating a feeling of airiness. When choosing accent colors for your bathroom, think about which ones will complement the space. Warm colors like reds and yellows will help open up a small bathroom.

2- Install large mirrors on a wall.

Mirrors are the easiest way to make any room look bigger. Mirrors reflect light, so your bathroom will have a more spacious feel when you install large mirrors on empty walls. When bathroom remodeling, install mirrors on walls facing a window so the light will bounce back into your bathroom and create an illusion of space even when there isn’t any. Mirrors make small bathrooms seem larger than they are.

3- Go for a glass shower door.

Another trick when bathroom remodeling a small space is to install a glass shower door. Glass shower doors are a great way to make a small bathroom look bigger. Moreover, glass shower doors are available in many different styles and colors, so it’s easy to find one that will match your existing design!

4- Maximize vertical space by installing shelves.

When you’re looking for ways to maximize the space in your bathroom, don’t forget about all of those unused vertical surfaces. Shelves are one of the most effective ways to use up room on the walls. When bathroom remodeling, ask your contractor how you can convert empty vertical spaces to a functional area like a floating cabinet, towel ladder, or shelves for example.

5- Reflect light coming into the bathroom by using a high-gloss paint.

When bathroom remodeling a small bathroom, your choice of paint makes a big difference. Choose high-gloss paints over matte-finish paints because they reflect light coming in through the windows.

Use high-gloss paint on the walls and ceiling of your bathroom, especially if you have large windows or skylights. This type of paint will reflect more light into the room and make it seem brighter, which can help make the space feel larger.

You may also want to consider using white gloss paint for your walls and ceiling, as this color tends to reflect more light than other colors do in bathrooms.

6- Go for a patterned floor tile design,

Another trick to create a bigger feel when bathroom remodeling a small space is to go for patterned floor tiles! Patterns create a visual illusion that makes your bathroom look bigger. Moreover, patterned floor tiles help break up the space and prevent it from looking like one big room, creating an illusion of a large bathroom!

7- Have a shower niche near your bathtub or shower area.

The shower niche is a functional built-in shelf that maximizes the space in your small bathroom. If you’re planning to do bathroom remodeling, ask your contractor to create a stylish shower niche near your shower area or bathtub to make use of your walls. You can customize your shower niche according to the style and size that best suit your bathroom!

A shower niche is a recessed portion of the wall, usually with a shelf for you to store your shampoo and other bathroom products. It’s a great space saver and will help you keep your countertops clutter-free. By using this space wisely, your small bathroom can appear larger than it is.

8- Change your conventional sink to a floating sink.

A floating sink is a good option if you have a small bathroom. If you’re doing bathroom remodeling, the sink is one of the first things you have to modify. A floating corner sink is also a popular choice for really small bathroom spaces. The space under your floatings sink can also be used for a cabinet, a towel rack, or a slipper rack.

9- Choose curve designs for some spaces.

Curved designs are good for small spaces. Curves help to create the illusion of space, making them easier to work with and more visually appealing. No wonder it’s a popular bathroom remodeling design for small spaces. Straight lines feel cramped and closed off in small spaces. This is why curved designs are ideal if you are trying to make your bathroom look bigger.

Curves also have an ergonomic advantage: they can make a room feel more comfortable than flat surfaces do because they take up less linear space compared with rectangular surfaces like walls or floors.

10- Add stylish fixtures and shelving on the walls.

One of the simplest ways to make your small bathroom look bigger is by adding accessories, such as towel racks and shelves, that can be strategically placed in corners. Towel shelves above the toilet or a robe hook near the door will give you more room for towels or clothing items in your small bathroom.

If possible, install a skylight window,

Skylight windows are great for small bathrooms, it’s something you should seriously consider when bathroom remodeling a small space. The skylight window reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and makes it feel more spacious than you’d expect. Plus, they bring in natural light that brightens up the whole room.

Make use of the space you have. There are a lot of things you can do to make your small bathroom look bigger. We hope that these basic tips will help you plan out your design for your bathroom to get you started on the right foot.

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