If you are considering kitchen remodeling in Abington, staying up to date on the latest kitchen designs is crucial to ensuring that the room you design is one that you will enjoy for many years to come. There are certain concepts that will just never be out of fashion, despite the fact that some fashions come and go.

Top 9 Modern Kitchen Designs for Your Next Remodel in Abington

Below are some of the best modern kitchen designs you should consider for your next kitchen remodeling in Abington project.

1- Sustainable Kitchen

Sustainable kitchens with eco-friendly materials have become a trend as people have become more conscientious of the effects their homes have on the natural world.

Using recycled or salvaged materials and energy-efficient equipment are just two of the numerous options available to you when looking to “green” your kitchen. You may reduce the need for artificial lighting and benefit from natural light by increasing the amount of glass in your kitchen windows.

2- Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is an easy method to modernize them without having to replace them, and an increasing number of homeowners are diversifying the color palettes of their cabinetry to have more than one hue. The two-tone appearance is now one of the most popular trends in kitchen cabinetry. This look generates contrast and enables you to enjoy color without fully committing to a vivid shade.

White cabinets placed on top of cabinets painted in a strong color, such as green or turquoise, are a common design concept. You may create a vibrant room that is aesthetically balanced and appears open and light if you restrict the use of the darker hue to the area below the countertop.

3- Induction Cooktops

These days, induction cooktops are all the rage since they offer a speedy, risk-free, and aesthetically beautiful method of cooking food. Induction burners do not produce heat; rather, they transmit energy to the pot, which causes both the pot and the food inside it to heat up rapidly.

Please take note that magnetic pans are required for use with an induction cooktop. In the event that you choose to install an induction cooktop for your kitchen remodeling in Abington project, you should use a magnet to examine each of your pans to see whether or not they are compatible with the new appliance.

4-LED Kitchen Lighting

The outlook for lighting in kitchens is brighter than it has ever been. LED lighting has shed its sterile and uninviting appearance and is now being used in increasingly creative ways as a direct result of ongoing technological advancements.

To spotlight a toe space, cheer up a countertop, or enliven the area below the cabinetry, use LED light bulbs. These fashionable lights for the kitchen are superior to fluorescent lights in terms of their energy efficiency and lifespan.


5- Quartz Countertops

Countertops made of quartz surface require far less maintenance than those made of granite and have a classic appearance. In addition, the glistening surface is not as dominant as it is on other materials, which means it is less likely that you will become sick of it. And because quartz countertops look good with colored cabinets, it’s also simple to incorporate them into any kind of kitchen color scheme you choose.


6- New Meets Old Kitchen Design


If you are thinking of kitchen remodeling in Abington, you might have the misconception that you need to redo everything in the room from top to bottom. On the other hand, that is not the case at all. Adding personality to the kitchen may be accomplished in several ways; one is by retaining some of the room’s unfinished elements.

If your kitchen has brick walls, you should show them off by leaving them uncovered. If you so choose, you can give them a coat of paint to give them a look and feel of a truly unique piece. All other existing architectural aspects in the kitchen should be preserved in their unfinished state and blended into the new design wherever it is feasible to do so.


7- Wood-like Kitchen Flooring

For a good many years, kitchens with hardwood flooring have been pleasant and inviting places to spend time, and that won’t be changing any time soon. The material can be molded to fit any design aesthetic and does an excellent job of integrating disparate spaces into one cohesive whole.

However, you shouldn’t write off different types of flooring materials quite yet. Wood-like floor materials like laminate or porcelain planks both give a welcoming style while being simpler to maintain than traditional wood flooring. So, make sure to add this to your options.

8- High-tech Kitchen

If you are not a fan of vintage or minimalistic kitchens, you can show that you are a part of the modern world by decorating your kitchen with high-tech appliances. Not only is the incorporation of sizeable contemporary home equipment contributing to the rise in popularity of smart kitchens, but also: These days, it is possible to outfit your kitchen with technology that is incorporated into nearly every component of the space, from the countertops to the sink


9- Sleek and Dark Kitchen

The era of all-white kitchens is long gone, and in their place are kitchens with darker, more daring color schemes. Homeowners are increasingly drawn to vibrant, attention-grabbing hues like jade, indigo, and even black for their kitchens. This is despite the fact that a white kitchen’s classic appearance is impossible to mess up. You can create a sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen by painting the walls in darker, more dramatic colors.

Regardless of which kitchen trends you choose to incorporate into your kitchen remodeling in Abington project, an essential thing to keep in mind is that the people who use the kitchen are the most important part of the space, not the elements or aesthetics. Therefore, it is essential that you add components into your area that will render it both practical and pleasurable for both you and your household to use.

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