A well-planned and properly executed bathroom remodeling can enhance the looks and functionality of the bathroom, provide you comfort and enjoyment, and increase the value of your house. Major mistakes in bathroom remodeling, however, can turn your dream bathroom into a nightmare. They’ll let you down and make you regret the botched home improvement project and waste of a valuable investment.

The bathroom remodeling is probably the most challenging part of the house to renovate with its special requirements on space, layout, facilities, and environmental conditions. Whether your bathroom remodeling is a DIY project or assigned to experienced contractors, lots of attention must be put on the job to avoid being sorry for unwanted results afterward.

Here are common major mistakes to look out for and avoid in your next bathroom remodeling.

1- Failing to plan

Not having a clear plan for your bathroom remodeling is a recipe for disaster. A bathroom project requires a lot of thought and planning. You need to be cognizant of the plumbing and electrical and understand the different flooring and fixture materials, space, ventilation, and lighting requirements. You need to consider hiring the right professionals and drawing up a well-thought layout. All these important elements must be included in the plan for the new bathroom, which should make sense, look aesthetically pleasing, function properly, and conform to the building codes in the area. Planning will help you avoid undesirable consequences later on.

2- Not visualizing the design

Relying on mere simple drawings of your new bathroom won’t allow you to see what your space will look like after the bathroom remodeling. You may also miss details that are important to you. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of the digital tools that can create almost realistic renderings of your bathroom remodel. These tools can make it easier to fully plan your bathroom renovation and save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in the end.

3- Putting the aesthetic before the function

Many homeowners, especially DIY’ers get so excited about choosing the materials they want to use in the finishing stages of bathroom remodeling. While this is understandable, it is not right to spend less attention and energy on the less glamorous parts of the renovation. For example, they spend hours searching for the perfect tile, yet they fail to understand how the tiles should be laid out to prevent tile buckling and cracking.

4- Underestimating your budget

The tendency to underestimate the budget of any renovation project is common. The cost of labor for each day that is extended beyond the original schedule eats away at your budget. It is a huge mistake to try to cut corners to make up for lost days because you may end up with more serious problems such as leaks in the wall or mildew growing behind tiles.

Another cause of the deficit in the budget is the temptation to purchase amazing options that are not in the plan but come at a cost such as heated toilets, rainfall shower heads, etc.

5- Overestimating your skillset

DIY-ing a professional job you have no experience with like bathroom plumbing is critical. Moving or relocating plumbing pipes or drains is a serious job. Sewer gases need to be vented correctly to prevent inadvertent gas poisoning. You may also end up doing a job in a few days by a professional in weeks. What’s worse is when you have to call in a plumber for an emergency fix.

6- Tiling your floor improperly

Another common mistake in bathroom remodeling is trying to save money and rush the work by installing bathroom tiles on top of existing tiles or wood panels. The tile must be laid down on top of a cement surface to prevent buckling and cracking. Also when laying down the tiles, you need to start in the center of the room and then work your way to the edges while you ensure that everything remains level.

7- Failing to let the contractor buy the materials

Don’t be tempted to purchase tile or fixtures on sale yourself. Let the experts do it for you. They can make sure the order is correct with the right quantities and finishes and of the best quality and reliability, and reasonable cost. They also must assume responsibility for any issues with the order.

8- Improper or poor ventilation

The importance of ventilation is another major area that is often underestimated or overlooked. Without proper ventilation, humidity and moisture will cause severe damage to your materials and finishes. It will also make your new bathroom an ideal breeding ground for mold. This moisture will break down grout, seep into subfloors, and cause premature peeling of painted and stained surfaces over time.

9- Improper lighting

Lighting is an essential element in bathroom remodeling. The right lighting fixture must be installed for the type of lighting you will need, i.e., ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, or decorative lighting. Not enough or too much lighting can make or break your investment in your bathroom.

10- Not accounting for storage

A cluttered bathroom will take away from your return on investment. Make sure your bathroom design includes enough cabinets and shelves to keep everything when not used. Create space for towels, blow dryers, shavers, curling irons, and more using drawers with dividers and slide-out drawers with interior cabinets.

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