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Small kitchens are often cute and charming, until you need to prepare dinner and couldn’t find a counter space to chop your onions, or the cabinet space to store all the condiments and spices you just bought. Instead of getting frustrated with your small kitchen, maybe it’s time to take proactive steps to maximize your space and make your kitchen feel and look bigger.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Tired of moving around your cramped kitchen? Here are some of our foolproof tips on how to transform your small space into a bigger work area.

1- Restructure your cabinets.

Cabinet space is crucial and rearranging your cabinet space should be one of your first considerations. When doing your kitchen remodeling in Abington, make sure to ask your contractors to make your cabinets a bit deeper. You’ll be surprised how much a few inches of storage space can do in making your kitchen more spacious. Try extending the cabinets forward and give up a few inches of floor space, or ask your contractors to sink your cabinets to the wall.

Do you have any room for more cabinets? If so, look into your options for installing more cabinets. Consider spending money on alternative storage options like hanging shelves. Your kitchen will seem bigger with more storage alternatives.

Kitchen remodeling after photo from Elkins Park, PA

2- Go for an open floor plan.

Your kitchen remodeling in Abington will be a huge success in creating more space if you consider expanding your current kitchen. If your kitchen is next to your dining room, you may be able to demolish a wall to open up the area. This would let in much-needed natural light to the roomier kitchen, which will have distinct sections for food prep, cooking, storage, and socializing. It will also improve the flow of your home’s layout and draw more attention to the kitchen.

Always remember that when a load-bearing interior wall is removed or an opening is created in an interior wall, building codes must be followed. It’s best to hire professional contractors like 215Mercury to assess if the wall may be safely removed without causing damage.

Kitchen remodeling after photo from Langhorne, PA

3- Add some open shelves.

There’s a good reason why open shelves above your primary wall of cabinets are trending right now: they provide you with more room to store things. Improve it with open shelving over a peninsula. This creates a handy, easily accessible area to store whatever a visitor may need, without blocking the view into or out of the kitchen or any other adjoining spaces. For more storage space try adding a shallow shelf that fits under the higher cabinets that could serve as your spice rack. In this kitchen, a little space created by the wall’s depth variation serves as a spice rack, so you can clear out some much-needed counter space.

Kitchen remodeling after photo from Northeast Philadelphia, PA

4- Lighten it up.

A cheap and easy trick to make your kitchen look bigger is to add more natural and artificial light to the space. When doing your kitchen remodeling in Abington, adding more windows and more pendant lights should do the trick, or take it a bit further and add some lights beneath the cabinets that reflect off the backsplash.

Lighter colors provide the impression of more space, which is especially important in smaller kitchens. It has been scientifically proven that white makes things seem larger and black makes them appear smaller, so go for white cabinets or other close colors like gray, off-white, and light taupe for example. The use of lighter counters is another way to make the room seem more spacious; don’t feel like you need to use white all over the kitchen. Try to add some variety, but keep the colors light. Want to see how various colors will look in your kitchen? Try this kitchen visualizer tool and mix and match the colors you like.

5- Try a mobile free-standing island.

An island in the kitchen may be used for a variety of reasons. It provides a second counter surface, more storage space, and a visual anchor for your kitchen design. But it sometimes becomes an impediment. Making your kitchen island portable is one solution to this problem. When doing your kitchen remodeling in Abington, opt for a mobile island that allows multi-sided accessibility. This way, you may make use of the island just when you need it and relocate it if you need more space to move.

6- Get organised

An organized kitchen is a spacious kitchen. Invest in various kitchen organizers that can create more room in your storage spaces such as pots and pan hangers. During your kitchen remodeling in Abington, ask your contractors to set some up over the kitchen island. If you hang your pots and pans, you’ll save up cabinet space and add a nice decorative touch to your kitchen. Try cabinet organizers that break up your drawers and cabinets into smaller and more efficient sections so you can easily find what you need while giving you more room to store more stuff.

7- Pick smaller appliances.

Go for a smaller dishwasher, fridge, oven, cooker, and other appliances in your kitchen. By saving on those extra centimeters, you’ll get more room in your cabinets to store your kitchen items. For smaller households, bigger appliances only tend to use up unnecessary spaces that would never be used. Take a big refrigerator, for instance, most homeowners want a larger fridge but they only end up sitting half empty and consuming more electricity. The same goes for ovens and dishwashers. You know what you use in your kitchen so pick the right size of appliances that serve the right functions for you.

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