Many homeowners start with their kitchen upgrade project full of inspiration and motivation that everything will turn out well. At the end of the project, however, many are frustrated they don’t get the results they hope for. As a service provider specializing in kitchen remodeling in Horsham, we have come across many homeowners who regretted making mistakes in the course of pursuing their kitchen improvement projects with other kitchen remodeling companies.

Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Your Kitchen

Learning from the mistakes you commit, understanding what you did wrong, and making sure you do not do it again are important. What is even better and smarter than that is learning from others’ mistakes. Here’s a list of common but major mistakes many clients overlooked in their kitchen remodeling in Horsham working with companies with not enough experience and credentials.

1- Not Having Proper Planning

Flawless execution of any project can only happen with a proper plan. Planning provides direction, reduces the risk of uncertainty, and reduces wasteful activities, among other benefits. When you’re remodeling a kitchen, make a plan, monitor your progress regularly, and don’t be afraid to make changes if the circumstances require it.

2- Not Having a Timeline

Starting the actual work on your kitchen remodeling in Horsham without a timeline will lead to delays and wastage. A timeline will tell your contractor when materials need to be ordered, and how long they have to complete their specific job.

3- Ignoring Workflow

Your kitchen’s functionality and convenience will not be achieved without a proper layout. The three major functional areas of the kitchen – storage, washing, and cooking represented by the fridge, sink, and stove, respectively – should be laid out to have a smooth, efficient flow in your kitchen.

4- Not Having the Family Involved

Your kitchen remodeling in Horsham should involve everybody in the family in terms of the concept and how they want the improvement done. A kitchen remodel that doesn’t satisfy everyone’s needs will lead to more arguments and stress.

5- Choosing Fragile Materials

The look shouldn’t be the only consideration in choosing the materials to use in your kitchen remodeling in Horsham. Make sure to choose durable materials. Avoid limestone, which may look beautiful but is prone to water rings, marble which is vulnerable to etching and staining, and recycled glass countertops that can chip and crack more easily than other options.

6- Giving Up Cabinets

Adopting a minimalist aesthetic and desiring a more airy appearance in your kitchen shouldn’t be at the expense of cabinet space. Never forgo cabinet space during a renovation unless you already have more than enough.

7- Buying Cheap Appliances

Don’t try to save money by choosing lower quality appliances. Choose highly functional, reliable appliances that can serve your needs for many years. Frequently used appliances that are energy efficient and durable are more important than a fancy art piece.

8- Choosing Appliances Last

Many homeowners plan the cabinet layout and countertops ahead of the appliances. They become disappointed after finding out that there’s not enough room left for the important appliances. Always choose your major appliances first then build the plan around them.

9- Refusing Help from Professionals

Even in DIY kitchen remodeling, expert advice is always helpful. A professional can help you enhance your plan and offer suggestions that could save you from choosing a design that doesn’t suit your needs and from purchasing inefficient products and materials.

10- Forgetting Your Budget

Costs can quickly escalate if unforeseen problems arise during your kitchen remodel. In such cases, review the plans and check if there is anything you can cut back on. You could also see if there’s something you can put off for a while until you’ve saved up for it.

11- Not Installing Enough Kitchen Outlets

With the development of so many high-tech appliances today, having limited outlets can pose a big problem when you’re trying to use them at the same time. Install multiple outlets and USB sockets along the backsplash and on the island so you can utilize them for your appliances whenever you need them.

12- Not Being Adaptable to Changes

Sometimes, changes are inevitable no matter how well laid your plans are. Be open to some changes and be prepared to make some small alterations to your plan.

13- Improper Measurement

Inaccurate measurement is a surprisingly common mistake among homeowners. This leads to a stack of miscuts and wasted materials at the end of the job and higher costs. It is always a good practice to measure twice and dry fit when possible. Also, when making measurements for spaces to put your appliances, be sure to adhere to standard clearances such as for ovens, fridges, cooktops, sinks, and others. For example, allocate 15 inches of countertop on each side of a fridge and cooktop as well as a 15-inch landing zone beside, above, or below your microwave.

14- Not Having Permits

Whether you’re doing a DIY remodel or using a contractor, be sure you have the necessary permits to avoid legal issues that may warrant a stop work order. Every municipality has its own regulations on remodeling permits so be familiar with the requirements in your particular area.

15- Not Moving Delicate Items to Safety

Before beginning work, remove delicate items such as fragile decors, furniture, and other objects that are vulnerable to shocks and vibrations well out of the way.

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