Remodeling a small kitchen that’s limited by the available space can be challenging. As a company that specializes in kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove and surrounding areas, we know this all too well. We leverage our experience and creativity to maximize the functions and increase the visual size of small kitchens. We want to share with you some of the clever ideas and tricks we employ toward our objective.

10 Ways You Can Maximize the Space in Your Small Kitchen

Here are 10 of the most common and effective hacks to maximize a small kitchen space that we do, mostly in conjunction with projects involving kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove.

1- Remove a wall.

Open up a partition wall to create a pass-through space. By removing a wall, you visually open up the kitchen giving the impression and feel that it is much larger.

You can have your kitchen remodeling service provider incorporate this job in your kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove. You can build a counter around the opening and even extend it to the other side, allowing you to borrow some space from the adjacent room.

If you don’t have a wall you can open up, the alternative option is to use a mirror backsplash. The mirror’s reflective surface gives the illusion of depth beyond the cabinets.

2- Utilize both sides of an island.

Deep and low cabinets on just one side of the island cause items to get lost when they get buried. Design your island cabinets such that they open from both sides instead or make the cabinets back-to-back and shallow. Each side can store things within easy reach.

3- Use seats that can be tucked in.

Bulky chairs or stools can take up precious space in your small kitchen. Choose backless seats that can easily be fully tucked under the counter and don’t get in the way when they’re not being used.

4- Position your range on an island or peninsula.

With a central range, you can use a central hood fan allowing you to free up a wall where you can install a storage cabinet. Consider this simple and clever idea in your kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove.

5- Float some open shelves.

You can use open shelves above a peninsula where you can place items you and your guests might want to grab. These open shelves don’t completely box in sight lines. You still feel you can see into and out of the kitchen.

6- Create undercabinet shelves.

Create a shallow shelf under a stretch of upper cabinets to have a little storage zone to stash small items like spice jars, pepper mills, or tea boxes. The items get organized and none of them get in your way during food preparation.

7- Create a pantry cabinet in a closet.

You can free up a lot of space by moving some of your seldom-used or bulkier items out and into a pantry nearby. Look for extra space in a closet or hallway nearby where pantry shelves would fit. Your pantry could consist of simple adjustable shelves on the wall or a more elaborate built-in cabinet.

8- Install hanging storage.

Adding a rail to the bottom of upper cabinets or your backsplash provides you with a handy place to hang utensils like spoons, cups or mugs, jars for seasonings, tea towels, or paper towels. This is another simple yet effective way of organizing and creating additional storage space that we often incorporate in our kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove.

9- Consider counter-depth upper cabinets.

The typical upper cabinets are 12- to 15-inch installed at eye level. Consider a row of counter-depth upper cabinets above. These higher cabinets may be flush with a fridge cabinet or pantry for a tidy look. They also provide more storage space for large, less-used items such as wide mixing bowls or seasonal goods.

10- Try an open island cart.

Although kitchen islands are getting more popular these days, they can be a luxury for most small kitchens because you need at least 36 in. around them for walking space. When a stationary island is not feasible, we advise clients of kitchen remodeling in Willow Grove to try an open island cart instead. An open island cart with rolling wheels provides you with many of the benefits of the island and is more versatile. You can move it into the center of the kitchen during food prep, make it a buffet station or drink cart or roll it out of the way when you don’t need it. It also gives useful storage you can access from all sides. When redesigning or remodeling a kitchen, leave a spot under the countertop for the cart.

When you want to maximize your small kitchen for better functionality and increased visual size, you have to have the inspiration to think of creative ways of doing it. There are a lot more smart ideas you can consider. A professional kitchen remodeling company can help you come up with bright ideas they have actually done and proven successful.

Upgrade Your Small Kitchen in Willow Grove

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