There are numerous resources involved when doing kitchen remodeling. You spend money, time, and effort to name a few. Because of this, you must do your best to avoid any mistakes. To do that, you should know the common mistakes that homeowners make when revamping the cooking area.

1. Not making a plan

Some people think that the whole process is simple and easy. They do not see the need to have a proper plan. This is the first step to failure. This can result in a lot of problems in the whole kitchen remodeling project plus numerous financial losses.

2. Choosing the appliances after the cabinets

When renovating the kitchen, measurements are essential. A difference of one inch might not sound much, but it can ruin the whole project. Selecting the appliances after the cabinetry has been completed is a big error. You must determine the measurements of your chosen appliances and consider them when deciding on your cabinets’ specifications.

3. Installing the flooring before the cabinets

If possible, the floors should be installed after the cabinets. This is because the floors cannot contract anymore. More so, the potential damage on both floor and cabinets can be minimized this way.

4. Picking the wrong flooring type

You should be smart when deciding on the flooring type. One of the most common choices is hardwood, which is both aesthetic and practical. The best finishing options are distressed and reclaimed as they provide traction.

5. Incorrect electrical wiring installation

Another common mistake homeowners unknowingly do is wiring all of the kitchen outlets to an amp breaker. The best thing is to have all of the counter outlets on a 20-amp outlet on a ground fault circuit protector. This helps avoid electrical fires and injuries.

6. Underestimating the cost

When planning the kitchen remodeling, you must be detailed and thorough especially when it comes to the expenses involved. There are numerous details, and each one comes with a cost. These should be properly planned and prepared to avoid putting the project to a halt.

7. Not having ample clearance

You should ensure that there is enough space between your cabinets and countertops. Your coffee maker or air fryer will end up on the countertop, so keeping at least 18-20 inches between the countertop and the bottom of your upper cabinets is advisable.

8. Making too tight aisles

The aisles in the kitchen are there for people to pass through. Therefore, they should be spacious enough to accommodate movement. A space of at least 42 inches should exist between your appliances, aisles, and walls in the kitchen.


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