When kitchen remodeling, there are numerous things to cover. It is easy to forget about some of them. In addition to the number of details to think about, you can get all tangled up in the excitement. It is common for homeowners to end up with more aesthetically-powered decisions than functional and practical solutions. It is, therefore, very important to prioritize the essentials such as lighting.


Illumination is a necessity that should not take second place in your list of priorities. It ensures the usability of your kitchen. Here are some tips for choosing the best lighting options for the food preparation area in your home.

1. Utilize the different lighting types properly.

There are three main lighting types you can implement in your kitchen remodeling project. Task lighting is focused on the areas where the important tasks take place such as the ingredient preparation and cooking sections. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, is the main source of the majority of the room’s illumination, so it is usually in the middle of the room and covers the whole area. The third one is accent lighting, which serves as the cherry on the cake, as it highlights your favored elements in your kitchen.

2. Separate the lights’ switches.

Since each area of the kitchen is illuminated with different lighting fixtures, it is logical for each light to have its separate switch. Some homeowners make the mistake of installing a single switch for all the lights. As a result, they are unable to utilize natural light when available or save on energy consumption.

There is also the option to dim the lights, which is a great feature when entertaining guests in the evening. It creates a lovely ambiance even in the middle of your cooking area. It is something you should consider incorporating when you are kitchen remodeling.


3. Go for cool white light.

It is best to go for a cool color in the cooking area to promote a relaxed and peaceful time in the midst of preparing your food. The recommended lighting is at a 3,000-4,500 Kelvin rating. You can keep the warmer lighting in your living or sleeping areas.

4.Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

While it is not necessary, you might as well work on creating a matching effect between your lighting fixtures and the rest of the food preparation area. You are not able to do kitchen remodeling every year, so you might as well give it all. After all, your kitchen does not have to be limited to food preparation only. It is also a great place to spend time together with your family and friends.

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