It’s so easy to get carried away by excitement when you are planning bathroom remodeling and overlook a whole raft of problems that need consideration when creating a practical, functional space. The cost of the project and the upheaval it causes home are experiences you won’t want to repeat any time soon.


Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Avoiding these common bathroom remodeling mistakes will ensure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly and without a hitch.

1- Not planning the layout properly     

When designing a bathroom, start with the layout. It is what will dictate the whole room. Reconfiguring a bathroom can be expensive. It’s best wherever possible to maintain the original layout at least for the position of the toilet unless you have to move walls to make the room larger.

2- Spending to your exact budget

Always include a contingency budget of at least 10 or 15 percent more. There’s a great chance your builders or plumbers may unearth issues mid-works.

3- Failing to commit to a theme

Having a defined style makes the designing process less daunting. Not having a firm theme before starting the bathroom renovation may end up with a space that’s either underwhelming or overbearing. Mixing contrasting styles can create a cluttered feeling.

4- Cramming into a small space

Ensure there is plenty of space around each fitting for comfortable use.

5- Poor drainage

There are a lot of horror stories related to bathroom draining and leak issues, which are usually down to poor workmanship and incorrect installation. Consult with a range of bathroom specialists especially on the right gradient for your space.

6- Neglecting storage space

Change the look and feel of a space by keeping everyday essentials tucked away and the room organized.

7- Choosing the wrong tiles

Choose the right combination of pattern, texture, and color for maximum visual impact, and make your bathroom more functional and stylish.

8- Neglecting proper ventilation

The bathroom is the steamiest part of the house. Choose the appropriate type of ventilation system for your bathroom that could easily draw out moisture, speed up drying, and, eliminate standing water.

9- Improper lighting

Simply choosing bright overhead lights over the shower, vanity, or toilet will not bring the full potential of your bathroom. Using ambient, accent, and task lighting in addition to the natural light or skylights are the best solutions to transform the overall feel of your bathroom.

10- Doing a DIY for a professional job

Unless you are a seasoned bathroom renovator, a DIY bathroom remodel can become a major regret. Consulting a professional can be more cost-effective in the long run. You can ensure the job gets done on time, on budget, and perfectly the first time.

Using Our Bathroom Visualizer to Create Your New Bathroom

215bmercury’s 3D Bathroom Visualizer is a powerful computer application tool that produces detailed and realistic imagery of the bathroom ahead of the remodeling work. It allows you to see what the completed project will look like. An advanced technology app, the 3D Bathroom Visualizer gives you the option to choose the floor layout and the features of each element in a bathroom such as a bathtub, walls, flooring, vanity, etc. It creates 3D renders for the bathroom options you choose. The output created from the tool, lets you see the image of your dream bathroom more effectively, far more vivid than your imagination or any sketch would allow.


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