There’s never been a more exciting time for a kitchen renovation than now. While kitchens have been recognized in the past as merely a place for food preparation, they are now more highly regarded as a source of family meals, comfort, and togetherness, an area that creates a welcoming refuge to relax and unwind. The advent of new kitchen technology that allows homeowners to plan a kitchen layout and incorporate smart home consoles, appliances, cabinetry, and lighting adds even more thrill to kitchen renovation.

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Planning your kitchen remodel for a space that is functional and easy to work and live in requires serious consideration.

Important Tips for Kitchen Renovation

1- Plan ahead.

Take the time to think through your kitchen remodel so you can stay on budget and get everything you want from your new kitchen. It is now easier to plan your kitchen layout and features of its different elements with the use of an app such as the Kitchen Visualizer from 215 Mercury.

2- Make the kitchen accessible.

A kitchen should be a place where people of all abilities can be welcomed. Have different countertop heights and adequate space for walkways to facilitate ease of movement of people on wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers.

3- Consider the kitchen floor plan.

You have an option for an open-concept floor plan that has been popular for years or a closed kitchen layout if you see cooking, eating, and even working in the kitchen as ideally separate from the home’s entertainment area.

4- Plan clearances.

Adhere to standard clearances for ovens, fridges, cooktops, sinks, and other appliances. Allocate 15 inches of countertop on each side of a refrigerator and cooktop and a 15-inch landing zone beside, above, or below your microwave.

5- Incorporate smart kitchen technology.

Modern kitchen technology is ours to enjoy and kitchen remodeling is the best opportunity to incorporate it into your home. Install smart taps, smart trash cans, smart cabinets, smart lighting, and smart home consoles in your kitchen.

6- Use light colors.

Use light color schemes for your kitchen cabinets and walls to visually expand a small room. You may forego window treatments and use natural light to your advantage instead.

7- Install enough kitchen outlets.

There are so many high-tech appliances in use at the same time nowadays. Have multiple outlets and USB sockets installed along the backsplash and on the island so you’ll have electricity sources wherever you need them.

8- Choose kitchen flooring options ideal for kitchens.

Install tough, dense, moisture-resistant flooring material that can withstand higher foot traffic.

9- Plan your appliances and your space around them.

Consider energy efficiency, size, quality, longevity, flexibility, and ease of use when looking for appliances. Ensure all appliances fit perfectly in the space provided. Consider integrated appliances that compliment your kitchen design.

10- Choose the right lighting options.

Lighting is used for different functions. Hang pendants over countertops for task lighting. Use accent lighting to highlight open shelving. Install sconces near the range for ambiance.

Using Our Kitchen Visualizer to Design Your New Kitchen

The Kitchen Visualizer, a computer application we developed allows you to see detailed 3D imagery of the kitchen before you start with the remodeling work. It is the perfect tool to ensure your idea for your remodel such as the layout and the features of the different elements in your kitchen is captured and carried out exactly as you envisioned.


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