The bathroom is one the most frequently used rooms in your house. It plays an important functional role in the house and is used for many activities such as showering, bathing, applying makeup, and more. The bathroom is used multiple times each day, from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. Homeowners who recognize the bathroom’s value in their life make it a point to invest in remodeling them to keep them upgraded and highly functional.       

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Bathroom

Great design is vital for a bathroom. If you’re planning to have your bathroom renovated, keep the bathroom design your priority. When planning the design of the bathroom, make sure you consider both the looks and function. A visually pleasing bathroom augments the overall looks of your house and increases its value.

These are seven important factors to consider when designing your bathroom:

1- Space

Fully utilize your available space. Make the most of the available space, no matter how limited the room may be. 

The layout is important. Make sure you can move around the bathroom comfortably. Consider how much storage you need. There are smart ways to maximize your bathroom storage like adding creative solutions by building your storage needs into cavities in the wall.

2- Size

Get the right balance between the good utilization of the space available and the design of the bathroom. Design and functionality are both important.

3- Color

The choice of color for your bathroom can be daunting. You can opt for bright and airy or dark and moody. When choosing colors and finishes, consider how you can best use natural light in the room. 

4- Light

Lighting is a huge factor in bathroom design. Consider different types of lighting you will need such as functional spotlights for accent lighting, more subtle mood lighting, and vanity lights for task lighting.

5- Access

Bathrooms must be safe, and accessible, and support all mobility or disability needs of the family members. Some of the modern solutions for bathroom access include wider entrances, non-slip surfaces, supporting features, and wet-room options. 

6- Budget

A great-looking bathroom need not cost a fortune. The important thing is to have a budget, make it work for you, and spend your money wisely. Working with an experienced and innovative bathroom designer can help you achieve these. 

7- Bathroom Designer

Choose a bathroom design company that will not only offer effective design solutions but also work within your budget and time requirements and work in your best interest.   

What is the 3D Bathroom Visualizer Tool?

The 3D Bathroom Visualizer is a powerful computer application tool that presents detailed and realistic imagery of the bathroom ahead of the remodeling work. It allows you to see what the completed project will look like. An advanced technology app, the 3D Bathroom Visualizer creates 3D renders for your bathroom. It aids in envisioning ideas and implementing them more efficiently.   

The 3D Bathroom Visualizer gives life to your design ideas. The picture, which is the output created from the tool, lets you see the image of your dream bathroom more effectively, far more vivid than your imagination or any sketch would allow. 

How to Use Our Bathroom Visualizer to Create Your Dream Bathroom

The Bathroom Visualizer is a user-friendly tool that lets you create your dream bathroom in a few simple and easy steps. 

 1- Launch the Bathroom Visualizer tool. Choose the room layout closest to your idea of your           dream bathroom. 

2- If you want to make changes in a particular part of the bathroom such as the cabinet, for example, move the cursor over that design element. The cabinet will turn green to indicate it is active.         

3- Click on it, and the design options will drop down. Click on the option you select. The element (cabinet in our example) will instantly change. 

4- Repeat these steps for other main elements you want to modify such as Wall, Toilet, Shower, and Bathtub.

5- Clicking on the main categories will lead you to select options for other design elements or  sub-elements such as in the following:

Main Category                                                               Other/Sub-Elements

  • Cabinets                                                                           Sink, Faucet, Countertop
  • Wall                                                                                   Wall B, Accent Wall, Backsplash
  • Bathtub                                                                             Bathtub, Fixture
  • Shower                                                                              Shower Walls, Shower Body, Shower Walls Accent, Fixture, Shower Door, Floor,                                                                                                  Pan, Handle, Configure Layout           

With the aid of modern technology, it is now easier to see how your idea of a bathroom remodel can be transformed into detailed and realistic imagery before the bathroom improvement project even starts. 215Mercury leverages advanced three-dimensional computer graphics and years of bathroom remodeling experience to develop Bathroom Visualizer that can bring out the best in your bathroom design.  

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