One of the most significant investments you can make for your home improvement is your kitchen remodel project. A successful kitchen upgrade can increase the overall value of the house, enhance the kitchen’s beauty and functionality, and improve the quality of life of the residents. In many situations, however, the kitchen remodeling doesn’t turn out to be as conceived or doesn’t quite meet the expectations of the homeowners. When this happens, the money spent on the project is somehow wasted and the purpose of the remodel is defeated.      

Why Proper Planning is Important When Designing Your Kitchen 

Any home improvement project is doomed to fail with poor planning and even more so in the absence of any plan. On the other hand, planning properly when designing your kitchen will give you the following benefits.

1- You can design a kitchen that suits your needs and taste.

The plan can address what you need. You can specify the style and design of the kitchen you prefer, the choice of equipment, furnishings, and materials, and the budget you need to satisfy.

2- Planning allows you to create a highly functional kitchen.

You can lay out your kitchen’s floor plan for an efficient flow and eliminate restricted movements or bottlenecks.  

3-You can optimize your space.

You can maximize storage and provide ample room for food preparation and cooking.

4- Planning makes the entire process cost-effective.

Your plan should satisfy your budget. With proper planning, you can be sure to save costs and not go overboard when it comes to expenses.

5- You can avoid costly mistakes and rework.

A good plan should allow the contractor to do things perfectly the first time and avoid correcting costly mistakes in workmanship.    

Introducing 215Mercury’s Kitchen Visualizer

215Mercury’s Kitchen Visualizer is a computer application tool that allows you to see detailed and realistic imagery of the kitchen before you even start with the remodeling work. The new technology app creates 3D renders for your kitchen that helps you envision ideas and implement them more efficiently.

The 215 Mercury Kitchen Visualizer brings imagination to life. The picture, which is the output from the tool, speaks a thousand words. It lets you see the image of your dream kitchen more vividly than any sketches or your imagination would allow. 

bathroom remodeling tub

Advantages of 215Mercury’s Kitchen Visualizer

215 Mercury’s Kitchen Visualizer is the perfect tool to ensure that your idea for your kitchen remodel is captured and carried out exactly as you envisioned.   

  • Wide selection of kitchen ideas and room layout

The app contains offers many creative kitchen ideas and layouts to choose from. They have been developed by our distinctive kitchen remodeling specialists who constantly strive to help you achieve the best possible kitchen plan with minimal disruption to your life. 

  • Allows corroboration of vision

The homeowner’s vision doesn’t always jibe with ours resulting in conflict. With the 215Mercury Kitchen Visualizer, we can come to a final design we both agree to pursue.

  • Many options for each design elements  

You can choose from a wide array of design options for each part of the kitchen such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, and walls.

  • Saves time

You can easily make changes to a kitchen layout or design by clicking on a particular element and choosing the option with which to change the existing design. 

How to Use Our Kitchen Visualizer Tool to Create Your Dream Kitchen

Our Kitchen Visualizer is a powerful tool that allows you to build your dream kitchen with a few simple steps. 

  1. Upon opening the app, click on the Room Layout tab to find out the closest layout to the kitchen you desire. You’ll be presented with eight designs to choose from. 
  2. You can customize the different parts of your kitchen by clicking on a particular design category you want to modify such as Cabinets, Countertops, Appliances, Wall, and Floor. When you move your mouse over that category,  you’ll notice it turns green to show it’s active.
  3. When you click on it, you’ll see a variety of options you would like to see in your dream kitchen from which you can select. Clicking on the options, which include attributes such as type, color, pattern, and brand will let you see how your kitchen changes. 
  4.  Clicking on the main categories will lead you to select options for other design elements or sub-elements such as in the following:

  Main Category                                   Other/Sub-Elements

  • Cabinets                        Top Cabinets, Top Handle, Crown Molding, Bottom Cabinets, Bottom Handle 
  • Center Island               Chairs, Faucet, Cabinet, Sink, Edge Profile
  • Countertop                    Edge Profile, Faucet, Sink, Edge Profile
  • Appliance                       Hood, Fridge, Dishwasher, Microwave, Range
  • Wall                                 Backsplash, Ceiling, Right Wall, Left Wall  
  • Floor

Modern technology has allowed us to take guesswork and uncertainty out of kitchen remodel planning. 215Mercury leverages advanced three-dimensional computer graphics and its many years of kitchen remodeling experience to develop 215Mercury Kitchen Visualizer to bring out the best in your kitchen. 

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