Any kitchen remodeling project is an exciting undertaking. It gives you the chance to be creative and improve your kitchen’s design as your needs change. However, small kitchens pose a unique challenge due to their limited space. These ideas offer some interesting solutions:

1. Set your budget.

Don’t let the small size fool you. It is very easy to go over budget and derail your finances with so many choices. This first step is vital to achieving your desired results and being happy with money spent wisely.

2. Choose a design or theme.

Kitchen remodeling can add character to your house. Especially for small kitchens, following a theme brings coherence and lends to a well-executed space. It can bring attention to this compact room and is an invitation for people to gather.

3. Consider DIY-ing.

It can be a fun project for the whole family or your partner. If you have some carpentry skills or even have the confidence to do the entire remodeling yourself, this approach will save you money. The result can be something you can be proud of too.

4. Maximize space.

Space is always a premium. For a kitchen to function properly, it needs appliances, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Choose items that serve your needs best. For example, you might be able to live with a smaller fridge if it’s just serving for two—stow away seldom-used appliances in cabinets to reduce clutter and have more space to peel potatoes or slice bread..

For cabinets, use the space to the top, even getting a stool or small ladder to get items. This will help maximize your cooking creativity by having the right tools and getting them only when needed.

5. Remove barriers.

Consider removing dividers or walls that separate different house sections during kitchen remodeling. Opening up the barrier from the dining area creates a more spacious atmosphere that benefits both spaces. Why not add a window to bring in more natural light too?

6. Choose light colors.

Light colors make spaces and objects look bigger. Consider colors such as white tones or shades of gray to achieve the desired effect.

7. Brighten up the room.

Having well-distributed lighting helps “expand” the kitchen’s size. Especially if it is tucked away in a corner, a bright space is always a welcome sight.

Size is not a limitation. Some of the best expressions of creativity are in the smallest of spaces. A well-thought-out small kitchen remodeling project can make a difference in any home. Contact us for free estimates and 3-D renderings.

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