Kitchens and bathrooms define comfort in many ways; they are havens for gatherings or personal time. But, eventually, they will need some TLC to continue providing satisfying service to your home. Explore some of the kitchen and bathroom remodeling topics to guide you on your next upgrade.

When to Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Typically, kitchens could use some remodeling every 10-15 years. However, is there a need or just a want to remodel? Is it for functional reasons or just because you want to update your kitchen’s looks?

Are you selling your house or keeping it much longer? If it is the first reason, then it might be good to make minor, aesthetic updates to ensure the kitchen functions the way it should. Finally, think about your remodeling budget—if your fixtures and appliances still meet all your kitchen needs, it might be good to save money instead.

A good average timeframe for bathroom remodeling would be 15-20 years. But just like for kitchens mentioned above, it is best to assess your needs. This stretch is typical of new designs coming into the market, and if you want to be always up to date, this would be a reasonable interval. Otherwise, a well-designed and maintained bathroom can last much longer.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling boils down to personal choice and needs; there is no exact metric for when this has to be done. What’s important is it continues to function the way it is intended to.

Costs of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Typically, professionals peg the cost of kitchen and bathroom remodeling to be around 5%-10% of the value of your home; this is a reasonable budget to have for a project that will stay current. But, of course, anything goes from this point onwards.

Sophisticated electronics or bespoke appliances and fixtures can significantly increase the cost and greatly enhance your design’s appeal.

Trendy Ideas for Your New Kitchen and Bathroom

Spend bonding moments with the whole family. Warm tones add to the cozy feel around good food and better company.

Intimate space, just for two: Compact space is belied by light colors that add to the feeling of a larger area with all the appliances you need to cook sumptuous meals.

No wasted space. Innovative use of the attic for maximum effect.

Bathroom with a view. A huge window adds to an airy feel for the ultimate relaxation in the bathtub.

Choosing the Best Remodeling Contractor

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