The sweet old lady you bought your house from was certainly awe-inspiring, evident by all the kind words you heard about her when you moved in. But soon you discover she also loved to cook and bake, a secret given away by the grease-laden kitchen cabinets

Now, it’s high time for the grease-caked, kid-scratched cabinets to disappear! 

Remodel Kitchen Estimate

The million-dollar question remains: What will a kitchen remodel cost? Let’s look over some data we researched.

Major Kitchen Remodel 

Large Kitchen: $45,000
Small kitchens: $25,000


Minor Kitchen Remodel 

Large kitchen: $12,000
Small kitchen: $5,000

Shabby Chic or Shabby Annoying? 

While there are many positives to living in a home with an upgraded kitchen, getting rid of old unsightly, and creaking cabinets tops the list for many. Let’s be honest: the old worn-out kitchen cabinets may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Not only are they annoyingly hard to clean, but they also drive down the aesthetics and the value of your sweet abode. The good news is a kitchen with poor cabinets doesn’t need an entire remodel. Replacing the doors doesn’t take up a lot of your budget if you add just the right fun accents! 

How to Upgrade A Kitchen Cabinet: What’s In, What’s Not?

Do you want to take your kitchen from dreary to sunny? Well, it’s time to replace those gloomy boxes with all-new ones keeping in mind your remodel kitchen estimate. As long as the boxes and the frames are structurally strong, it’s highly likely you can use the existing structure and replace the doors to give your kitchen a face-lift.

Here’s how you can brighten the aging kitchen. Keep in mind, sometimes DIY is good but most other times, it’s best to leave the job to the experts. 

Minor Remodels

There’s a little-known secret that most contractors or designers won’t tell you: You don’t need to gut out everything and rebuild!! Work carefully, and you will have a brand new kitchen without breaking the bank soon. 

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There’s not much a coat of paint can’t fix- (until it can’t). If you have wooden cupboards with a worn-out and lived-in look, all you need is a box of paint and a free weekend. Bring out those supplies from your garage and start painting. Prime those big bad boys up, then select from a wide variety of paint types from high-gloss to chalk paint or rustic.  

Replace the Front Doors 

Now, there’s a fine line between being truly beat up or simply worn out beautifully over time. If your cabinets belong to the former category, a paint job may not be able to salvage them. Here’s what to do instead. Some veneer, woodworking skills, and a few weeks’ time are what you need to revamp the ugly old cabinets.

Major Remodels

This is where you trust the experts. From slab door cabinets to open-frame window styles and transitional designs, we have been through it all at Remember, 2022 is all about unexpected beauty inspired by home improvement shows. (means we are seeing more blues and greens this year).  

Allow us to give your kitchen a retro, unique flair reflecting your unique personality and lifestyle. What about functionality? Well, we thrive on that!

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