Are you unhappy about the builder’s grade boring floor in your new kitchen? Well, then here’s the thing. It’s time to bring your kitchen to its well-deserved glory and return sanity to your mind by remodeling the flooring to a more functional and aesthetically pleasing flooring option.  Keep in mind, the total kitchen estimate for new flooring varies greatly depending on the materials used and the space covered. 

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Remodel Kitchen Estimate

Here is the kitchen estimate for revamping the flooring according to type: 


There’s nothing like the finish of hardwood floors – errmm, except for the price tag! 

While hardwood floors are amongst the most expensive flooring types, they do hold their value well and stay good for longer. The average cost is approximately $4,000 for hardwood flooring, including new subfloors and installation.


Tiles are again a popular flooring option, thanks to the unlimited variety of styles, types, colors, and sizes. Depending on the budgeted kitchen estimate you have in your mind, we are sure you can find a decent tile to pair up with the rest of your interior. 

Whether you’d like to splurge or save is entirely up to you. Did we mention tiles are high on the radar for most homeowners since they are absolutely easy to maintain and clean? Here, take a look at the options available. 

willow-grove-pa-kitchen-remodeling 6Ceramic Tile

Priced at around $3 a pop, installing ceramic tile flooring would cost you roughly about $1600 for an average-sized kitchen. 

Porcelain Tile

While porcelain and ceramic tiles may look almost similar, the former is more sturdy and lasts longer. It’s all in the fine details of how the material was processed. Ranging between $3 to $10 per square foot, an average-sized kitchen will end up costing $2200 for materials and installation. 

Natural Stone Tile

From quartz to travertine, marble, and slate, natural stone tiles are widely popular due to their uniqueness and raw shine. If you appreciate a rather earthy feel, here’s a chance to incorporate it in your beloved space. It is a little complicated to give you a kitchen estimate for natural stone tiles because the price varies from $3 to well over $25 per square foot. Let’s just say, it all depends on your choice.  

north-wales-kitchen-remodeling (3)Vinyl

If you are on a strict budget that doesn’t allow you to take apart the old floor and pop in a new one, fear not, we have the perfect solution: Vinyl! Inexpensive but chic, vinyl flooring makes a great choice for the kitchen since it’s water-resistant and absolutely low-maintenance. 

Cost per average kitchen: $800 – $1000. 


Unlike materials that are perfect for use in the kitchen, there is a question mark over the use of laminates in a high-traffic area. Similarly, moisture-laden kitchen areas are the worst environments for laminates and make them susceptible to severe damage within a few years. Safe to say, laminate flooring is a gray area in kitchen design, that we usually steer clear of. 

Cost per average kitchen: $1300 – $ 3000 


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