Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home value before you’re selling it or simply wanting to improve the overall feel of your home, a kitchen remodel is a must. While the profit over expenses may make all the hassle worth it, kitchen remodeling is a gargantuan task which is why we experts are here to help you keep a kitchen remodeling estimate and set a realistic budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel a Kitchen?

A kitchen remodeling estimate for a standard-sized kitchen will be over $20,000. The ultimate cost eventually depends upon the lavishness of the cupboards and appliances you wish to install. At most, an extensive kitchen remodel may cost you from $40,000 to $70,000.

Of course, the costs vary depending on your product choices and the state you live in. At 215mercury.com, we offer complete consultation to take out the guesswork and help you figure out when you are ready to take the plunge.

What To Do Before Exploring The Market For Prices?

Plan what type of kitchen remodel do you want:

  1. Are you remodeling your kitchen because it’s necessary? Thin broken cabinet doors, tile damaged by water, poor functionality, or impractical storage.
  2. Or do you want to have a luxurious kitchen like the professional cooks Gordon Ramsey, Paula Dean, Rachael Ray, and Tom Colicchio have?

If you relate to the first option, we suggest hiring a good yet affordable designer, an inexpensive contractor, and then discounted, clean-cut Chinese cabinets for example Forevermark. If you work diligently to get your costs down, a 10 by 10 kitchen can be renovated for under $10,000. The warranty may be of a couple of years and a lot of customizations may not be possible.

Your contractor may charge you from $3000 to $5000 for such cabinets. As for your designer, you’ll be charged a couple of hundred dollars if you decide on one-stop remodeling shops, most of which will give you an estimate and design plan for no cost.

While your contractors will go a mile for your satisfaction because a bad review means bad business for them, a designer, however, won’t take responsibility if you aren’t satisfied because they are focusing more on aesthetics rather than functionality.

If you select the second option, we suggest choosing American-made cabinets as the best option for you. They are fully customizable, exceptional quality, sturdy and solid wood with a lifetime warranty. The downsides are that they are 3 to 4 times more expensive than Chinese-made ones and their lead time is 5 weeks. They can range from $15,000 to $45,000.

Since you want a full-out renovation and are willing to invest a good chunk in countertops, flooring, and appliances, you will most probably end up paying more for installation. All customizations, including cabinets, flooring, natural or man-made countertops, lighting, etc will cost you anywhere between $35,000 to $70,000.

Surprise Option 3: 

If you want a manageable kitchen remodel because you plan to live in your home for the next 7 to 15 years, it’s best to spend at least $15,000 to a maximum of $ 45,000. Within $25k-3k you can get good countertops made of stone, splendid cabinet lines, good flooring, and a great backsplash.

Even if you have a bigger than average kitchen, your costs can still be under $30,000 with Chinese-made cabinets. The key is to look for a contractor who understands your needs and is willing to work through them.

What Next?

Set a budget, and most importantly: STICK TO IT.

As experts, this is the most crucial part of a kitchen renovation because if you don’t have a set budget then money will flow out like water. To not have an empty wallet after your renovation, review your list of must-haves, because the long list you have, the larger the budget. So, review your list and keep it short.

Pro–tip: Keeping the old style of your kitchen layout will help a lot in keeping a low budget.

D.I.Y? 5-Minute Crafts?

While hiring someone to change your cabinets may be a lot easier, it would be cheaper for you if you take the hammer into your own hands. Youtube, for instance, is filled with videos on redoing your countertops, a new paint job, etc.

Not only will this cut down costs but it will also add a touch of personal customization which won’t be available anywhere else. The downside: You might spend at least 4-6 months in the kitchen if you chose to do it all on your own. If you can afford to keep a house running without a functional kitchen for so long, go ahead!

Hire Professionals For Best Results

If you plan on moving things around in your kitchen, it is best to leave the job to professionals. At 215mercury.com, we are committed to providing you with the best kitchen renovations at un-believably affordable prices.  Check out our kitchen portfolio page now and discover how we strive to provide world-class service!

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