It can be easily said that kitchen remodels are not only incredibly popular right now but also very refreshing for kitchen lovers. A kitchen makeover refreshes your interior design and brings the resale value of your house up a notch. Moreover, a remodel can make your kitchen the attractive center of attention it is at the same time increase its functionality with newly added technology – a welcome addition with remodeling.

While a kitchen remodel sounds appealing, thinking of the expenses involved can discourage homeowners and often drive them to a brick wall.

A remodel kitchen estimate can vary vastly due to the multiple factors including:

  • Unplanned expenses that you have no idea about
  • Your location

It’s already hard enough to estimate a kitchen remodel on-site alongside a client and contractor. Homeowners encounter many competing factors that challenge them during a kitchen remodel, like increased prices or broken electrical wires.

Here are a few tips to never exceed your budget and pay only as much as your pocket allows, rather than dealing with shocks along the way.

A Wise Advice to Set A Budget

“First prepare a realistic budget and then search for someone who will work with you to achieve your dreams,” says Seattle homebuilder Russ Lavallee of Lavallee Construction. Now Lavallee knows what he’s talking about after being in the business of construction and remodeling for 21 years, and we certainly agree.

We recommend that you should only spend as much as you hope to get back when you resell your home. If you stay in the house for more than five years, then you should start planning a kitchen remodel that will be loved by your family, because, after all, it’s your family you are renovating a kitchen for.

What Takes Up Your Cost?

The price of a kitchen remodel depends on many factors, such as the size of the project and how much space you have. Your biggest expense is usually the cabinets, which usually eat up a significant portion of your budget. Buying cabinets from wholesale markets, retail shops, or even Ikea could get budget-friendly, and this way your budget is more likely to be maintained.

Brass can be used to give cheap cabinets a much more expensive and customized look. In the same way, spend money buying a high-quality faucet but not an expensive sink.

Back- Plan

We also recommend homeowners set aside 20% of their budget for surprise renovations like water damage, faulty electrics, or other unpleasant discoveries.  This way homeowners always have back up cash in case of unexpected surprises and won’t have to use money outside of their budget.

phoenixville-after-kitchen-remodeling 2

How To Save Money

The first step to save money is to stick to your budget and remodel plan during the renovation. Getting carried away by extra or customized features can escalate your budget and cause a ripple effect of inflated costs.

For homeowners who wish to remodel their kitchen within their set budget, they could start with an inexpensive countertop and refreshing present cabinets with a new paint layer.

A new paint job can give a customized and polished look to cabinets. Replacing existing tiles with laminate or any other affordable material can give a whole new look to your kitchen without spending much.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to not go overboard with extra decorations like cupboard handles or fancy lighting. While these may seem appealing to buy, but as they say, less is more.

Hire Professionals For Best Results

If you plan on moving things around in your kitchen, it is best to leave the job to professionals. At, we are committed to providing you with the best kitchen renovations at un-believably affordable prices.  Check out our kitchen portfolio page now and discover how we strive to provide world-class service!

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