The modern kitchen is all about maximizing the functionality at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. Naturally, all good things begin with hard work, time, energy, and lots of passion. Did we forget to mention money? For most homeowners, remodeling a kitchen begins with accessing how much can they spend on it.

Of course, it’s wise to test the waters before you jump onto it. If you are interested in getting a kitchen estimate for a remodel in 2022, just request a Free Visit from Our professional design team has simplified and tailored solutions no matter what your needs and budget.

Below are 5 smart ideas that you must keep in mind while remodeling an existing kitchen.

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Open Kitchen Trend 

Open kitchens are going nowhere in 2022. Safe to say, removing walls from the most used space of the house allows users free movement and a chance to stay connected to the rest of the house while cooking.  But when exactly is an open kitchen the best option for you? Glad you asked. See, if your kitchen space is limited and you feel you need more space for movement, the simplest and easiest way is to knock down the walls.

Cabinets to Hide Away Counter Top Appliances

Love to have your countertop appliances within easy reach but hate to see them on the countertop? Simple solution! Just add sliding cabinet doors or countertop cabinets to sweetly tuck away all your appliances in one place- easy to reach, hard to spot!

Double Kitchen Islands

Larger kitchens can do with more than one island. The large marble islands add a touch of opulence and each of the islands can serve a different purpose. While one can be used for food prep, use the other for dining by adding a few high bar stools. When not in use for eating, the additional space is a welcome addition while preparing food or storing things underneath.

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Open Shelving

While it’s important to maximize space in the kitchen, we can’t stress enough the importance of mixing things up a little. Adding a few wooden or marble open shelves to break down the monotony of the cabinets is a great way to add a visual element. Decorate using a few kitchen books, vases, and plants to add character to your space.  Open shelving is a great way to add some fresh modern vibes to your kitchen, at the same time allow you to display your art.

Add More Comfort Pieces

With the pandemic and work-from-home situation, the kitchen island has basically been used for zoom meetings, school, and provided a spot for entertainment all day. This is precisely why designers predict the kitchen needs more comfort pieces of the living room including dining sofas and benches for seating, lamps for counters, and living room finishes to tie the look together.

It’s no doubt kitchen is the place where everyone gathers, so why not put it to good use and make it as welcoming as possible rather than the suffocating room it once was!

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