Bored of how your kitchen looks and want to remodel it, but wary of remodeling costs? Relax, you’re probably not alone. Before anyone decides to revamp their space, they ask the question multiple times, “ What’s their remodel kitchen estimate? Allow us to cut through the noise and tell you exactly how much should you plan to spend when upgrading your cooking area in 2022.

Let’s preface with this, you can easily curate a modern-looking space with all the style and quality on a modest budget. All you need is the eye for detail, excellent contractors, and the dedication to pull your project through to the end.

Come to think of it, guests usually see your kitchen first and judge you based on it. You spend quality family time and prepare your meals here. Thus, it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that’s easy on your eyes, at the same time, it should be functional enough for daily use. Unless you are thinking about a DIY peel and stick backsplash, here are the remodel kitchen estimate prices you should know about.



The most important part of your kitchen will probably cost around 25% of your remodeling budget. While customized cabinets add more value to your kitchen, your cheapest option is to stock cabinets from warehouses.

Buying cabinets would still mean spending several thousand $$$$, thus refacing your cabinets might be the cheapest if your main goal is to only improve the appearance. Get a contractor to examine your current cabinets, and see if you can salvage what you have. Go green!

Budget: Ranging from $130 to $2000 per linear foot


The right appliances can make or break the look of your kitchen. As well as increase its functionality by a long shot. I mean, what good is a kitchen without the cooking range, hob, fridge, and oven? Similarly, buying new appliances should also be done with care to see if they fit the aesthetic of your kitchen and the dimensions that are required.

Investing in the latest and most expensive technology would be good for your kitchen in the long run since they’re up to date with technology, last longer and most technology nowadays are energy-saving, so only the upfront cost is high.

Budget: Ranging from $2000 to $17000 plus for complete package



The second biggest part of your budget- countertops. NO surprise there Influencing tier cost is the size of your counter and the material you decide to use. Stone, quartz, and granite are the most durable types of materials. A cheaper option is laminate which wears quicker and requires more care.

Budget: Ranging from $15 to $100 per square foot




Replacing a few tiles is cheaper than completely giving your floor a new look. So your cost here depends on what you want. Hardwood, ceramic, cork, or laminate are promising materials for your kitchen floor and greatly elevate your kitchen look. For a cheaper option, vinyl might be the best option.

Budget: Ranging from $15 to $100 per square foot


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So the next time you’re scrolling through your Insta or Facebook feed, don’t let the pictures intimidate you, let them inspire you. Get ready to show off your space at the next social gathering since you know the remodel kitchen estimate now.

Remember, beautiful homes have a long-lasting positive impact on your life and moods! Let’s get busy.

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