Do you want your kitchen to look as beautiful as it does on Instagram and Pinterest? We all do! But they have an associated price tag that intimidates most of us.  Worry no more!! We are here to help you figure out your kitchen remodeling estimate according to your unique needs and requirements. Let’s give everyone a run for their money!

Today we shall explore the basic steps involved in kitchen remodeling and how to expedite the process to avoid living without one for a long period of time. Ready? 

Needs Vs. Wants

The kitchen on Pinterest may be your inspiration, but believe it or not, most designs you see on the screen are highly impractical.  Some have poor space utility, while others don’t leave any margin to add essential utilities. So begin by making a list of all things you absolutely need in the kitchen, like more counter space, and then what you want, for instance, wooden shelves.


Ask yourself, “How long can I live without a kitchen”? Chances are, not very long.  Sorry to break the news, kitchen remodeling is a time-taking process. Communicate with your contractor how long you can stay without one, or make alternate arrangements to facilitate yourself in the meantime.

If you want to completely revamp your kitchen it’s wise to make a detailed plan of how long each part of the job may take. While you may be in a position to bear the costs, you might not be willing to let your space be invaded by strangers for a long time.

Leave Some Wiggle Room

Building a strategy from the word get-go will help you see what your objectives were and how far have you stayed close to them.  But that doesn’t mean you should stick to the same marble, flooring, or appliances you had in mind when you began the plan.  Once you start looking for samples, materials, and finishes, keep an open mind. Many times you will find a material that is much sturdier and more practical than what is there in your plan.

Similarly, as you move forward lookout for appliances that you don’t need to change. The cooking range may seem to stick out like a sore thumb to you, but it may still be the best one around.

Most importantly, relax and have fun during the process. Remodeling a home can be a strenuous job but with the right planning and mindset, you might just fall in love with the process.


Designers, Contractors, or Both? 

Before you plan a kitchen remodel, figure out whether you want to hire an independent contractor, a designer, or both.

While hiring professionals for the job seems like a splurge in the short run, in reality, contractors and designers can help you plan realistic outlines and cut down kitchen remodeling (estimate) costs since they have access to better rates for materials.

They also help you identify which of your plans will work out depending on your lifestyle and which ones are too good to be true.  A designer’s sharp eye for aesthetics will help you build a kitchenette that adds tons of value to your real estate.

Remember, an experienced contractor will not only help you build a kitchen that looks good but one that is practical and functional, without extra add ons that are a nightmare to manage.


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