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Thanks to the COVID pandemic, most homeowners have found a lot of time on their hands. Naturally, the lack of social life and work-from-home culture has inevitably led us to spend the past two years of our lives cuddled up inside our homes.

This is, perhaps, the #1 reason why numerous people are looking to upgrade the most frequently used space in their house- the kitchen! Kitchen estimate is another crucial story that we’ll just get back to in a moment.

No More Just A Cooking Space

Now, you see the kitchenette is no longer a place to cook up delicious meals. Now, more than ever, it has become multi-purpose – serving as your kid’s classroom, your home office, or a place to chill after a hearty breakfast since there is no place to rush. It’s a family room, meeting area, and office – hence deserves a remodel to accommodate its evolving duties. So stay with us as we explore the top trends for remodeling that will make your jaw drop. Let’s get started.

Add More Color

It’s time to get creative and bring on the paint. The kitchen will no longer be brown, white, beige in 2022. They will be an extension to the house. Quirky colored cabinets, and showcases full of your art. It’s time to liven up the space. Still on the fence? Perhaps keep the perimeters neutral and add a funky island to stir up some fun.

           phoenixville-after-kitchen-remodeling 6

More Tiles

It’s raining tiles literally in the most recent kitchen design trends we have spotted. Tiles are no more limited to the backsplash, they have taken up the walls all the way to the ceilings. A spectacular way to garner visual interest, tiles add unsurpassed character to the space. Some homeowners have gone to further lengths and incorporated hand-painted tiles in place of upper cabinetry to reflect their personal style.

Tools for Organization

If you are a fan of Marie Kondo, you’d certainly be pleased with the recent advancement in kitchen remodeling. Most home-bound people have found that kitchens can get messy pretty quickly- and we agree! Now homeowners and designers are looking for ways to add space and make organization easy. Whether you have a big kitchen or a small one, adding rails, shelves, bars, and hooks is the only way to go.

Double Kitchen Islands

There’s never enough space for all of you in the kitchen, isn’t it? Thus, the revolutionary idea was born: Double kitchen islands! Now, you can cook on one while your son takes his online school right in front of you. No more fighting for space!

The Pantry

The pantry is in the spotlight this season, thanks to its ability to hold a multitude of kitchen items in a dignified organized way. If there’s one thing that brings solace to our mind post-pandemic, is a well-stocked and maintained pantry.  So, when you plan to remodel your kitchen, show some love to the neglected space and feel the difference!

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