Marble tiling in the shower is all the rage since there’s something about marble that just screams Regal. floor-marble

The upscale and luxurious stone has long been used to create statues, pillars, hand-held sculptures, and floorings.

It’s hard to deny marble adds a touch of opulence and luxury wherever it is used. But does it belong in your shower area? That’s a question we get asked repeatedly.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons, so you can make the best choice.


Here is why marble is a popular choice for tiling the shower area.


The most bewitching property of the graceful natural stone is that each piece is completely unique from another. The subtle veining and the polished look are worlds apart and can rarely be achieved using any other tile/stone.

For homeowners who prefer a completely custom and eccentric bath area, marble stone should be their first choice.

All Natural Marble-Mosaic-Tile

All over the world, humans are going back to the basics. From organic agriculture practices to construction. If you prefer to ditch synthetic materials like porcelain tiles and want to go back to nature for its unparalleled beauty, marble tiling won’t let you down.

No doubt, the mountainous stone is one hundred percent natural and earth-made.

Easy to Maintain

What good is any interior choice if it’s not easy to maintain? We understand that no one has the time to scrub their bathrooms 7 days a week. Unsurprisingly, cleaning a marbled area is as easy as ABC.

Use a mild marble-safe cleaner or simply soap and water occasionally to wipe clean the surface.

And you’re done. No need to call in the professionals and spend $$ every month on maintenance.

Radiant Heat

Marble is denser, harder, and far more durable than other commonly used tiling materials. This makes it an excellent conductor of heat. In simple words, if you accidentally touch the tiling in your shower on a cold December morning, you won’t be frozen cold!


Here is why you might want to consider other options. In our opinion, none of them are deal-breakers, but you should be well informed to make a suitable decision.

Requires Professional Installation

Marble is tricky to install and requires expertise. It’s crucial to treat the flooring prior to the installation as well as using the right techniques.

Unless you are absolutely handy around the house and have the required tools, you should consider hiring kitchen remodeler for installation.


Needs to be Sealed

Sealed marble has significantly fewer chances of water absorbency, and that’s why you must take the extra step and get your marble sealed when using it in a wet area.
Sealing will increase durability and make it easy to clean the shower area too. Of course, that comes with an additional price tag and effort.

With that said, you don’t need to repeat the sealing process for at least 12 months.


The upfront cost of marble tiling in the shower area is not exactly cheap. However, the timeless beauty attached to marble is also unmatchable with any other material. Besides, it’s good for a lifetime if cared for properly.

Nevertheless, not everyone has the budget to get marble tiling and therefore marble tiling may not be the ideal option for all.

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