2021 Stone Countertop Trends

One of the most popular home renovations is a relatively simple fix: replacing or upgrading stone countertops. There are tons of benefits to stone beyond aesthetic appeal. Most stones are especially durable, which is important for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, stone is often heat resistant and comes in a variety of options so you’re sure to find one to fit your dream design.

Here are three of the most common stones for kitchen and bathroom countertops, along with some of the factors to keep in mind before you commit.


Granite has been one of the most popular countertop options for decades. As a stone, granite is a naturally-occurring igneous rock that forms under pressure in the Earth’s crust.

White Orion Granite Island (2)
Granite is especially popular in kitchen countertops, and for good reason. It’s durable, heat resistant, and resistant to most chemicals—especially those marked for household use.

In nature, granite is a porous material. This can cause problems in kitchens and bathrooms because there’s so much moisture and bacteria passing through these areas, so granite countertops should always be treated with a sealant to ensure that they’re non-porous when installed in your home.

Each granite slab will be unique because of the way it developed under pressure, which can present a challenge for buyers looking for a specific color or vein pattern. Although you’re limited to what can be found in nature, there are so many variations that you’re likely to find the perfect slab for your space.



Marble Kitchen Countertop

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Marble countertops are a classic in the design world, and they add an air of luxury to any kitchen or bathroom space.

Like granite, marble is porous in its natural state, so make sure to use a sealant on your slab before the install. Your countertop supplier should take care of this step for you, but make sure to ask just in case.

Carrara marble is the most common type of marble—and the least expensive. Other popular options include Calacatta marble, and Statuario marble.

While marble is undoubtedly beautiful, it’s definitely a higher-maintenance option than most other materials. It’s not heat or chemical resistant, and it can dent or chip if you drop something heavy on it. This means you’ll also have to be careful of highly acidic foods like lemons, which can stain the marble easily.


Unlike the other two options on the list, quartz is man-made, which makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom uses. Quartz is tough and will hold up exceptionally well to regular wear and tear.

It’s also non-porous, which means that in germ-ridden environments, bacteria won’t seep into the stone and act as a breeding ground. This is especially important in the kitchen, where you may plan to bake or cook directly on the countertop in some instances.

Because quartz is man-made, you can find virtually any pattern and style for your home. White quartz is popular because it can be made to resemble marble, but there are a variety of backgrounds and veining patterns that may align with your aesthetic.


There you have it! With this information under your belt, you’ll be ready for a new countertop install in no time. No matter what new design trend you want to implement into your home, we’re here to help. 215 Mercury can not only help you design the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams, but also bring it to life. We offer free lifetime and 24/7 support as well as a free estimates, free 3D design, and free online kitchen design tool or bathroom design tool on our website. Contact us when you’re ready for a FREE estimate.

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