From a simple room update to a full-fledge renovation, your bathroom deserves some TLC. With these bathroom remodeling trends, you can completely transform your outdated bathroom into a room you want to take long showers in and stare in the mirror for hours.

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Over the past couple of years, minimalism has been the focus of the design world. However, now the trend of maximalism and filling your space with things that fill up your world, rather than minimize it, is becoming popular. With this, the plain marble sink and matching tiles is out. Try pairing a clean white marble sink with sultry dark granite tiles. This contrast will add a brilliant dimension to your space.

Bring in Vintage Accents
We’re seeing a mix of old and new in renovations today. Keep your appliances and plumbing modern while adding vintage accents. Replacing your faucet with a gold or brass option can add a simple touch of vintage elegance to your space.

Add an Accent Wall
A great way to draw attention to your remodeling features is by adding an accent wall. This can mean painting one of your bathroom walls a fun color or adding unique tiles to the wall that make it stand out. Unique tile patterns and colors can add a fun mosaic style for any art lovers out there. You’re sure to wow anyone that walks into your bathroom by highlighting one of your walls.

Slim Down Your Shower
Replace your bulky, eyesore showerhead with an elegant rain shower and a hand shower that is slim enough to not distract from the other highlights of the room. We’ve spent a ton of time at home in the past year, and as such, have realized that our spaces need to work for us. Elevating your shower tools is the first step in making your bathroom a place you want to spend time in.
Bring Nature in
This year, we’re seeing a trend toward nature and all of its colors becoming a focal point in the design space. This trend is called biophilia and you can incorporate it into your renovation in a few different ways. For one, accent a wall, cabinet, or tiled floor with any shade of green you’re drawn to. If green isn’t your color, consider adding a cabinet that holds the pattern and look of raw wood with the smooth finish of a lacquered coat.

Let us Help!
No matter what new design trend you want to implement into your home, we’re here to help. 215 Mercury can not only help you design the bathroom of your dreams, but also bring it to life. We offer free lifetime and 24/7 support as well as a free estimates, free 3D design, and free online bathroom design tools on our website. Contact us when you’re ready for a FREE estimate.

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