A tastefully designed bathroom is not only a representation of your personality and style, but is also the wellbeing oasis your home needs. The bathroom is way beyond the mundane activity of relieving yourself and cleaning up. It is a peace haven where you can recharge your batteries and relax.

Wouldn’t you want to enhance the living qualities of your bathroom, and revel in the excitement of seeing your thoughts and ideas brought to life?

Your dream bathroom is supposed to harmoniously combine a unique and stylish design with practical usability and functionality. At 215 Mercury, we are committed to giving you the best of both worlds.

But, Before You Start Designing Your Bathroom

To ensure that your dream bathroom meets both your functional and visual requirements, it is imperative to clarify some general specifications and consider certain important aspects. Take note of special structural features (especially if there are inlet pipes for waste water and water), consider adjacent rooms in your design, consider the size of the bathroom and the available space, factor in adequate ventilation, and know what you actually want in your dream bathroom.

Your Bathroom, Your Design

Your very own bathroom should be personalized to fit your daily needs and preferences. This is why we have simplified the entire design process and given you even more control over how you want your bathroom to look and feel like.

We created a bathroom design tool with which you can easily put together a bathroom that is both functional and stylish, in a matter of minutes, with the aid of unlimited bathroom combinations, styles, sizes, and colors. The amazing diversity of colors, materials, and shapes creates a multi-faceted spectrum of possibilities.

Whether as part of a remodeling project or a new construction, our online Bathroom Visualizer Tool gives you the ability to plan and design your bathroom online, for free. With our free tool, you can design your bathroom instead of just explaining what you want to a contractor. You are also able to fully immerse yourself in the experience you just created with a virtual reality view of your new bathroom.

Breathing Life into Your Bathroom Design

When you finally design your dream bathroom, we will be there to help you bring your dreams of a personalized bathroom to life. We offer the best, unbeatable prices, provide the best services, and deliver the bathroom of your dreams!

We will match or beat any other reputable competitor, and complete your bathroom project within 3-4 weeks. Committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction, we will come back to fix post-project issues (if any), at no extra cost!
Essentially, we are your best bet at designing your dream bathroom for free, and bringing your personalized design to reality.

Ready to Transform Your Bathroom into A Wellbeing Oasis and A Haven of Tranquility and Relaxation?

Your dream bathroom is just a few clicks away. Design your custom bathroom today for free and get a free, no obligation quote.

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